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Why join DSST?

Choosing DSST means choosing your life’s work. From working with our incredible community that pushes the limits of what education can be, to providing every single one of our individual students with everything they need, to taking care of each of our personal needs--every moment of our work is sacred because every moment of our work requires a deep sense of care for all of our people. So, why join DSST?


Because we have an amazing team committed to growth.

DSST believes deeply in providing meaningful support for team members through our coaching model which includes weekly coaching, grade and content teams at schools, and cross-network content collaboration groups with dedicated development and support time.


Because we are a dependable, sustainable organization.

At DSST, we know a large part of building trust is showing up for the community year over year. That is why we have worked to create a healthy organization where students, families, and community members can depend on us. We have strong systems for managing our dollars and structures so team and community members don’t have to worry about layoffs or big structural changes.


because We are committed to equitable compensation.

DSST commits to be externally competitive, internally equitable, and transparent in our compensation practices. We implement a compensation approach that uses market data to both ensure that we are paying competitively and to demonstrate to team members that we are doing so. Transparency is important in this process at every turn; We share our processes and protocols for determining approaches to equitable and research-based compensation practices.


Because we are committed to physical and mental wellness.

DSST makes deep investments in the wellbeing of our community members. Our team members have access to high quality, comprehensive benefit plans. Our healthcare offerings don’t have large hidden costs and can truly be there when individuals need them the most. Additionally, we have invested in several options for entirely free mental health counseling, including a dedicated mental health counselor to serve our team. 


Because we ensure educators have the tools they need to succeed.

At DSST, we know that each human being strives to be fully known and affirmed for who they are, and to contribute something significant to the human story. We know that individuals choosing to work at DSST are deeply committed to our mission of closing the achievement gap for our students. Therefore we know individuals want more than a job, they want a place where they can successfully support educational equity.