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When you join the DSST team, you will:

Be a part of helping to disrupt educational inequity

  • Since our founding, 100% of DSST graduates have been admitted to college or post-secondary programs, with an average of 6 college admittances per student in 2023.
  • DSST students score an average of 133 points higher on the SAT than students at schools with similar Free and Reduced Lunch percentages.
  • A majority of DSST schools are rated high-performing on our state framework, shattering predictable outcomes based on student demographics.
  • 9/10 families would recommend DSST to a friend or family member.
educational equity

Have the support to be your best

  • DSST leaders have a people-first approach with a commitment to the human condition.*
  • All DSST teachers and staff receive weekly one-on-one coaching.
  • DSST utilizes a research-based, culturally competent common curriculum approach.
  • Network-led leadership development is offered with internal and external training opportunities.
  • DSST Staff enjoy 11+ weeks off per year + paid PTO (from Day 1!)
  • Staff have access to comprehensive medical benefits, including fertility benefits and a mental health counselor that is dedicated solely to DSST staff. 
support to be your best
*DSST View of the Human Condition: Each human being strives to be fully known and affirmed for who they are, and to contribute something significant to the human story.

Celebrate and be celebrated!

“My managers care about me as a person as much as they care about my impact on the students in my math classroom.” -DSST Teacher

Join an inclusive, values-centered community

  • DSST schools are intentionally small, ensuring each community member is known and valued.
  • DSST works to cultivate a common set of values, meaningful relationships between students and staff and a genuine love of learning.  
  • Our Advisory model leads to strong relationships between teachers, students, and families.
  • We are an aspiring anti-racist organization. Each DSST campus has a DEI Liaison and Trans Youth Advocate.
  • DSST is committed to designing instruction that supports the success of all students.
values centered
“I like how Aurora Science & Tech cares for the students and how they teach each student in a way they can all understand and learn in their own ways." -DSST Parent

Be a part of world-class STEM education