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DSST: College View High School

DSST: College View High School is located in southwest Denver and serves grades 9-12. DSST: College View is a community that nurtures academic excellence and prepares students for success in college and beyond.

“Very involved in the college process“

DSST: College View High School is very involved in the college process of their students... once you’re in high school you get special classes dedicated to make college applications easier. They also offer a lot of advanced classes to their students.

High School Senior

“Everyone is treated with respect“

Something that I like about DSST: College View High school is how our community is respectful to anyone no matter what you are or where you come from. It's small community but we make sure everyone is treated with respect and connect with people. 

High School Senior

“Great experience“

DSST: College View High School helped me prepare for college in a way that other school's don't prepare you... From the start they teach you valuable skills to communicate with people and make a change in the world no matter what you look like or where you come from.

DSST: College View Alum

School Calendar

The 2023-24 academic calendar is here!

Download the calendar - available in English and Spanish - by clicking on the image below. 

CV HS Calendar 23-24 English and Spanish 6.21.23

View the 2023-24 assessment calendar here.
In addition to our set academic calendar, we use the calendar below to share school and community events!


DSST: College View High School is proud to present our Virtual Art Gallery

Please click here to access the CVHS Virtual Art Gallery