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Student Data Privacy

In an effort to provide a great 21st century education to its students, DSST provides students with the opportunity to engage with a variety of online applications. These apps all offer very specific and powerful benefits to student learning, and are an important part of the DSST educational experience. DSST takes student data privacy very seriously, and works hard to protect all student personally identifiable information. Below is a list of applications to which DSST shares basic student data (student ID number, student name, student DSST email address, class section rosters, etc.) for the explicit purpose of the apps educational benefit.

Contract Applications

These are applications with whom DSST has a formal contract to provide their service.

  • Engrade
  • NWEA
  • Clever
  • i-Ready

Coordinated On-Demand Applications

These are applications which teachers occasionally used, and the use of which is coordinated in some way at the network level.

  • TurnItIn
  • TenMarks
  • NoRedInk
  • Newsela
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Reading A to Z
  • Libib
  • Autodesk

Other On-Demand Applications

These are applications which teachers and schools may use within their classroom, but whose use is not coordinate at the network level.

  • Think Through Math
  • IXL
  • Khan Academy
  • Edmodo
  • BuzzMath

As students of Denver Public Schools, our students may also be given access to some tools on direction of DPS. Click here for the DPS privacy policy. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about student data privacy at DSST, please email