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There is work—and there's your life's work. We focus on building communities where students and staff are valued for their unique talents. We support each other not only to have fulfilling careers, but more importantly, to lead fulfilling lives that combine deeply meaningful professional work with personal well-being.

There Is Work - And There’s Your Life’s Work

DSST Public Schools is a network of middle and high schools located in Denver, Colorado. We foster school communities where our students and staff become the best versions of themselves. As part of a values-driven organization with a deliberately integrated community, our schools serve students from all walks of life. Our six core values, respect, responsibility, integrity, doing your best, curiosity and courage are truly embedded in everything we do and are central to our strong academic results. At the core of our approach are strong and meaningful relationships, fostered in small schools, that ensure every student and staff member is known and valued for their unique contributions. Through this whole child approach, we operate many of the top middle and high schools in the city of Denver. But the true success has been that all our graduating seniors have been accepted into college since the first graduating class in 2004. Join a team that’s making an impact.