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College Success

All DSST graduates have choice and opportunity in their postsecondary endeavors. We believe that all students should have access and opportunity to choose a four-year college program. We believe all students should have the opportunity to choose and graduate from a best fit, postsecondary program. 

At DSST Public Schools, we also recognize that, for years, educational systems have not worked to benefit all students. We know that higher education, and the world at-large, is fraught with inequitable, racist, and oppressive structures and systems. We believe it is our responsibility to empower students and families with the knowledge and skills to both navigate these structures and systems and make informed decisions as they explore a range of postsecondary options.

DSST Grads By The Numbers

College 1


Schools 1

Average admittances per student

Students 1
$ 2.5

Million dollars in average scholarships earned per DSST school

Our Approach

We advise, advocate for and support our students and families as they explore and navigate postsecondary options. We believe that a college degree is a pathway to enter systems of power and create positive multigenerational change. DSST’s commitment to students doesn’t stop with
graduation. We prepare every student to get to and through college.

Beginning in 9th grade, we work closely with students and parents to provide individualized and group support to explore students interests and passions and align those to career and college options. During senior year, we work hand-in-hand to navigate the college application and selection process. We hold regular family meetings to help support and guide families through the entire college success journey

STEM & Creative Core Pathways

Through DSST’s STEM and Creative Core Program students have creative, collaborative and engaging experiences that empower them to explore and better understand themselves and the world around them. Our programs also enable students to develop their identity as agents of change and to see themselves as able to pursue STEM & Creative Core in college and career if interested.

Each year DSST recognizes its graduates who have earned at least 30 credits in a specialty area offered at their high school. The specialty areas offered across DSST’s network of schools include music, performing arts, entrepreneurship, biosciences, visual arts, computer science, engineering and more.


Resources for students and alumni

Looking for information on concurrent enrollment, college financial aid, transcript requests or other logistical questions? Click here.

Alumni, check out our alumni page with information about upcoming events, connecting with other alumni and more here.