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Belong. And Be Yourself.

Your child will develop a strong sense of self while learning to contribute to a caring community. 


Skills for College, Career and Life

Your child will learn and apply the skills, behaviors and mindsets that are vital to happiness and success in every part of life.


Open Every Opportunity

DSST graduates enter college prepared to pursue unlimited professional pathways. Your child will develop a strong foundation in liberal-arts studies -- including literature, foreign language, history and fine arts -- while preparing to take advantage of explosive growth in STEM career opportunities. 


A World-Class Education for a Global Economy

Your child will receive a world-class education while engaging with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints.


Structured for Success

Students are set up to focus on learning and successfully transition to the middle and high school setting, with consistent routines and expectations. This supportive structure helps minimize many of the distractions, drama or safety concerns that may otherwise be an issue in middle and high school.


Why Families Choose DSST



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DSST graduates enter college prepared to pursue unlimited professional pathways. Your child will develop a strong foundation in liberal-arts studies while preparing to take advantage of explosive growth in STEM career opportunities. We offer a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and our students’ passing rates are consistently among the highest in Colorado. Each of our schools offers unique course options -- visit our school pages to learn more!

Consistently, from middle school through high school, students complete:

  • 7 years of English language arts
  • 7 years of social studies and history
  • 7 years of arts and electives
  • 7 years of natural science
  • 7 years of secondary math
  • 3 years of Spanish
  • 1 trimester internship
  • 2 trimester Senior Project
Personalized Guidance

Each morning, students and staff come together for Morning Meeting to celebrate community, talk about college, participate in team-building activities, and support each other in a visible and vibrant way.

In addition, every DSST student is part of an Advisory made up of approximately 15 students and one teacher. These close-knit groups foster relationships of caring, encouragement and trust between students and staff. Advisory groups support each other in a smaller group setting, build community and strong lifelong relationships, and ensure every student has a champion.

Core Values

Every day, DSST students work toward demonstrating values that are essential to lifelong happiness and success — respect, responsibility, integrity, courage, curiosity, and doing your best. Working toward demonstrating shared values helps students further discover the principles that will guide their unique outlook on life.

Core Values

We prepare every student to get to and through college. Beginning as early as freshman year, we work closely with students and parents to provide individualized and group support to navigate the college-application and selection process. We also provide support around applying for scholarships and financial aid. Most importantly, we stay connected with our graduates throughout their college years.


Yes, we have sports! Each of our schools offers a unique array of competitive sports -- cross country, volleyball, girls and boys basketball, girls and boys soccer, and tennis, to name a few. And because our schools are smaller, more students have the opportunity to play in high school. If we don’t offer a particular sport (such as football), students are supported in playing at other schools.

Visit our school pages to learn more about the athletic opportunities available at each campus!

Activities & Extracurriculars

Our schools, community organizations and parents partner together to offer a wide variety of in-school and after-school activities. Just few examples include Student Leadership Council, Choir, Film Studies, 3D Graphics and Design, Art Techniques and Styles, Guitar, Creative Writing, Slam Poetry and Songwriting.

Visit our school pages to learn more about the activities available at each campus!

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome to be involved in their child’s learning in a variety of meaningful ways. Each school offers a parent group that organizes events and programs, and fosters parent volunteering. Our parent groups also provide a forum for families to ask questions and provide feedback, with the ultimate goal of supporting student and school development.

We’re also proud of the ways in which our students demonstrate the core value Responsibility by owning their learning. Among the many benefits of this leadership and accountability is reducing the time families spend keeping track of homework, projects, permission slips, etc. New DSST families enjoy a little extra quality time with their kids, and a little less stress!