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Dominick Moreno


Board Member

Born and raised in Adams County, Dominick grew up going to public schools where he made valedictorian while working afternoons at the local Dairy Queen. Through scholarships and part-time jobs, Dominick attended Georgetown University and graduated with a degree in American Government. Dominick’s commitment to using his education to benefit his community led to his election to the city council in Commerce City at the age of 24- the youngest member in city history. Dominick went on to serve in the Colorado House of Representatives for two terms before being elected to the Colorado Senate in 2016. He was selected to serve on the powerful Joint Budget Committee, the principal committee tasked with balancing Colorado’s $36 billion state budget each year, and chaired the committee twice. Dominick served as Majority Leader of the Colorado Senate from February 2022 until September 2023, when he resigned to accept an appointment as Deputy Chief of Staff to newly elected Denver Mayor Mike Johnston.