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Andrew Sinclair


Board Member & Advancement Committee Chair

Andrew Sinclair is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Strategy practice. Since joining Accenture in 2006, Andrew has worked closely with clients in a variety of industries ranging from health care to investment banking and has crafted tailored solutions to high impact, complex, and multi-faceted problems. Currently, Andrew serves as the Lead for both the North America Capital Markets Sector and the North America Enterprise Agility Offering, an initiative designed to empower companies to improve their ability to quickly adapt and innovate.

His experiences include defining a cohesive vision for a federated global technology organization, creating and designing innovative and entrepreneurial operating models to unlock new sources of value, and guiding the acceleration of outcomes from a large-scale transformation initiative. Andrew’s work consistently impacts his clients’ business in tangible and measurable ways, including a positive impact to the bottom line.

Andrew has led the development of Accenture’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy offerings. He focused on the creation of value-based constructs that highlight the potential benefits from AI in the context of the business environment. This framework helped to quantify the AI opportunities that can drive business growth, profitability, and trust.

In his fifteen years at Accenture, Andrew has primarily focused on the financial services industry in North America, including specific areas of Wealth Management, Investment Banking, and Retail Banking. Recognizing the importance of globalization, particularly on long-term growth strategies, Andrew led the development of a comprehensive digital strategy for the government of Kenya in the period immediately following adoption of a new constitutional design. This included the development of a bespoke technology strategy to improve the quality and consistency of patient care for the largest public hospital in East Africa, among other efforts. Andrew is experienced in leading diverse teams across the globe, and is committed to driving strategic change through inclusion and advancement of diverse perspectives and experiences.

Andrew has a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, specializing in Finance, Accounting, and Economics, from Emory University.