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Apprentice Teacher Program

Launch your teaching career with a team of extraordinary educators. The Apprentice Teacher Program is a year-long teaching residency designed to support you in learning to teach at DSST. Earn a salary while gaining transformative classroom experience. Become a DSST Apprentice Teacher.

We believe that everyone has the potential to become an exceptional teacher with the right support. Join our next cohort of Apprentice Teachers to impact and empower students’ lives while learning to teach!



Benefits of Becoming an Apprentice Teacher

Whether you are about to graduate college, are looking to change careers, or are a member of our school community, we want to support you in starting your career in teaching. The Apprentice Teacher Program provides hands-on practice with an exemplary mentor teacher paired with strong personal and professional support.

Who are our Apprentice Teachers?

No prior experience in teaching  is necessary to apply - we seek applicants with diverse educational and life experience who want to make an impact on youth and we will support you throughout the application process. 

Our DSST Apprentice Teachers come from all walks of life and backgrounds: from HBCU college seniors to career engineers, basketball coaches to City Corps alums, the DSST Apprentice Program can help you to leverage your unique talents and experience to become a great teacher at DSST. Read more from a few of our former Apprentice Teachers. 


Teacher Residency Experience

DSST and Relay Graduate School of Education

We partner with the Relay Graduate School of Education to provide the training you’ll need to earn your Colorado Teaching License. Most DSST Apprentice Teachers apply for and enroll in the Relay Graduate School of Education and the Relay Teaching Residency. 

The Relay Master of Arts in Teaching program is well aligned with DSST’s core teaching practices and is highly regarded by our DSST Apprentice Teacher alums.



Your first step joining Relay is to apply to our Apprentice Teacher position on our job board. After receiving an offer from DSST, we will support you in learning about and applying to Relay.

You can view frequently asked questions about the Relay Residency in our Relay FAQ.


Apprentice Teacher FAQ’s 

How do I apply to the DSST Apprentice Teacher Program?

Applications for the Apprentice Teacher Program launch in November. We hire on a rolling basis so we encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible. 

How do I apply if I’m a part of a partner program (e.g. EnCorps or CU Teach Engineering)?

If you are currently a part of one of our partner programs, you still need to complete the AT application. We will work with you in the application process to choose the right development pathway within our program, whether that is through the Relay Graduate School of Education or something else aligned with your experience and career goals.

Does the DSST Apprentice Teacher Program prepare teachers in all content areas?

Our DSST Apprentice Program focuses on preparing teachers in math, science, other STEM subjects and special education. If you are interested in a pathway to teaching other subjects, contact the talent team to discuss other teaching opportunities at DSST.

How can I learn more about the Relay Graduate School of Education or the Relay Teaching Residency?

You can read more about this program in our Relay FAQ.

What is the salary for Apprentice Teachers?

Our Apprentice Teachers earn a $44,000 salary and a $4,000 scholarship to the Relay Graduate School of Education, plus full benefits during their Apprentice Teaching Year.

When does the Apprentice Teacher Program Start?

Apprentice Teachers start at DSST in late July. Apprentice teachers enrolled in Relay start coursework in mid-July. A calendar with exact dates will be provided to you in the hiring process.