There is work—and there is your life's work. The kind of work that can change the life trajectory of another human being. The kind of work that will change the future of Denver, Colorado, and the US. This is the kind of work that you will do here, alongside extraordinary people achieving extraordinary results. Welcome to something big. Welcome to DSST.

Make Your Mark Campaign

DSST Public Schools is committed to hiring teachers and leaders who share the diverse backgrounds of the students we serve. In the fall of 2015, we became a proud partner of Make Your Mark Denver, a collaboration between the Denver Mayor’s Office, Denver Public Schools, and Denver based charter networks to accelerate citywide efforts around the recruitment and retention of educators of color. Please visit Make Your Mark’s website for more information on our partnership and for relocation resources associated with the campaign.



We support each other to not only have fulfilling careers, but more importantly, to lead fulfilling lives that combine deeply meaningful professional work with personal well-being, with the ultimate goal of sustaining our team to continue advancing DSST's mission over many years.

Professional Learning


Excellent teachers and leaders are at the core of our success. Our differentiated approach to career development offers unique internal and external opportunities to enhance your leadership and learning. We will partner with you as you continue to discover new and exciting ways to grow and develop.



The culture at DSST Public Schools is palpable. Our teams celebrate diversity, prioritize joy, and are guided by our Core Values, both inside and outside of our schools’ walls. Together we form a community of educators, lifelong learners, and friends. 

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The Applications to join DSST  Public schools for the 2017-2018 school year and beyond are live  and ready for you. If you are interested in still learning more about us, our process, or different positions within the organizations, we have some resources here to help you in your research.

Learn more about the DSST hiring process for Teachers

Learn more about the DSST Leadership hiring process

Connect with Our Talent Aquisition Team

Ask a question about a job posting or working at DSST and we'll get back to you.

Connect with Our Talent Aquisition Team
Ask a question about a job posting or working at DSST and we'll get back to you.