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Student Hours

Monday 8:55AM - 4:25PM
Tuesday 8:55AM - 4:25PM
Wednesday 8:55AM - 1:30PM **Early Release Day
Thursday 8:55AM - 4:25PM
Friday 8:55AM - 4:25PM

Staff Directory

  • Jennifer Trainer

    School Director

  • Jimmy Cooley

    Associate School Director

  • Jennifer Rivera

    School Director in Training

  • David Carpenter

    Dean of Students

  • Carl Kirk

    Dean of Students

  • Sarah Smith

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Sarah Carpenter

    Director of Engagement

  • Ashlee Morris

    Social Worker

  • Stanley Chen

    Social Worker

  • Martha Velasquez

    Office Manager

  • Leslie Reyes

    Office Assistant

  • Dave Balestrini

    6th-8th Grade Music

  • Jeff Shuster

    6th-8th Grade Computer Science, Gifted & Talented Coordinator

  • Sydney Winkel

    6th-8th Grade Art

  • Daniel Schneider

    6th-8th Grade Physical Education

  • Bel Damiani

    6th Grade Science

  • Camilla Waldeck-Young

    8th Grade ELA

  • Matthew Emerson

    6th Grade ELA

  • Casey Mullaney

    6th Grade Math

  • Bartek Suchocki

    6th Grade ELD

  • Denise Shuster

    6th Grade Math

  • Kailley Callamaras

    8th Grade Math

  • Jennifer Groussman

    6th Grade Social Studies

  • Carrie Card

    7th Grade Special Education

  • Terence Adams

    6th/7th Grade Special Education

  • Daniel Chavez

    7th Grade ELD

  • Ian Haydel

    7th Grade Social Studies

  • Nick Pearson

    7th Grade Science

  • Kurtis Gale

    7th Grade Science

  • Marissa Kast

    7th Grade ELA

  • Tommy Huynh

    7th Grade Math

  • Tijera Mann

    8th Grade Special Education

  • Cam Riehl

    8th Grade Social Studies

  • Michael Vess

    Center Program Lead

  • Bertha Prieto

    Center Program Paraprofessional

  • Melissa Grimes

    Center Program Paraprofessional

  • Hala Wahab

    Center Program Paraprofessional

  • Madison Smith

    6th Grade Science

  • Devynn Stodola

    6th Grade Special Education

  • Kyra Borders

    6th Grade ELA

  • Kayla Weller

    7th Grade ELA

  • Thomas Ingram

    7th Grade Math

  • Abraham Maggard

    8th Grade Math

  • Laurie Pochette

    8th Grade Science

  • Tricia Suazo

    Center Program Paraprofessional

  • Gabby Gilder

    Center Program Apprentice Teacher

  • Francisco Padilla

    6th Math Apprentice Teacher

  • Owen Brown

    6th Grade Science Apprentice Teacher

  • Mari Vettori

    8th Grade ELA Apprentice Teacher

  • Khalifa Kendee

    6-8 Grade Tech

  • John Ross

    8th Grade Science

  • Paulina Molina

    Community Engagement and Recruitment Manager