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DSST: Aurora Science & Tech High School | College & Career


Our Vision

The DSST: AST HS College & Career team works to ensure DSST graduates have choice and opportunity in their postsecondary endeavors. 

  • We believe that all students should have access and opportunity to choose a four year college program. 
  • We believe all students should have the opportunity to choose and graduate from a best fit, postsecondary program. 

At DSST Public Schools, we also recognize that, for years, educational systems have not worked to benefit all students. We know that higher education, and the world at-large, is fraught with inequitable, racist, and oppressive structures and systems. 

  • We believe it is our responsibility to empower students and families with the knowledge and skills to both navigate these structures and systems and make informed decisions as they explore a range of postsecondary options. 
  • We advise, advocate for, and support our students and families as they explore and navigate postsecondary options. 
  • We believe that a college degree is a pathway to enter systems of power and create positive multi-generational change. 

Our Team