Open Houses and Family Tours

Take a Family Tour or attend an Open House at one of our campuses.

Open Houses

Every DSST campus will offer Open House opportunities during October-February. Open House attendees will learn about DSST curriculum, culture and how our campus structure supports high levels of academic success and student growth. Open Houses are in the evenings, and are appropriate for both parents and students. You can expect Open Houses to last 1-1.5 hours. 


Family Tours

Family Tours take place during the first hour or so of the school day in order to give families a better understanding about the look and feel of the school enviroment. A Family Tour at any DSST campus will emulate what you can expect at all campuses. If the Family Tours are full for the campus you are interested in seeing, please sign up for a tour at a different campus and also plan to attend an Open House at your preferred campus. DSST does not support student shadowing at this time.