Uniforms and Supplies

Uniform Policy

The purpose of the DSST Public Schools dress code is to create a professional, safe, and respectful community where students can place their sole focus on learning. The dress code is in effect from the start of the school day until the end of the school day, including through interventions when applicable.

The 21-22 Dress Code can be downloaded here.

Uniform tops can be purchased by visiting: www.dsstknights.com 

The faculty and staff of DSST reserve the sole right to interpret and enforce the student dress code.  Students who violate the dress code will be given a refocus and required to take off the item and/or change into and wear a school uniform for the day. Any uniforms that are lent to students must be laundered and returned in two days. When uniforms are not available students will have to call home for appropriate clothing to be brought to school for them, or students may be sent home.  Students will not attend class until they are in dress code for the day. Repeat dress code violations may result in further disciplinary consequences.

Student Supply List:

6th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Supply List

8th Grade Supply List

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I cannot come to school to bring my child an item that is dress code approved, will they be lent a uniform? 

Yes. If a parent/guardian is unable to come to the school, the front office will be able to lend the student an item. Please keep in mind that we have a limited amount of sizes in stock. 

2. Are the items that are lent to students clean? 

Yes. All items are laundered and clean before they are lent to students. 

3. Can I purchase uniforms during the school year? 

Uniforms are available for purchase throughout the school year at our vendor's Stapleton store,

6500 Stapleton Drive South

Unit K

Denver, CO 80216

or online at www.dsstknights.com We no longer have uniforms available for purchase at the front desk. 

4. Can I donate uniforms that no longer fit my child? 

Yes. You can always drop off your uniform donations to the front desk. These uniforms will be given to families in need. 

5. Are uniforms required at the high school level? 

Uniforms are not required at the high school level; however, they do have dress codes in place. Please contact the appropriate DSST high school for more information on the dress code. 

6. What kind of bottoms can my child wear for gym class?

Students can wear any type of sweatpants or appropriate length shorts and can be any color. Gym class bottoms are NOT available for purchase. 

7. Why are uniforms required in the first place? 

At DSST: Montview Middle School we believe that the inside is much more important than the outside. We want our students to focus on their classes and growth rather than the latest fashion trends. 

8. Can my child wear black jeans? 

Yes. Students are allowed to wear black jeans. Please keep in mind that only solid black jeans are allowed.