Staff Contact Information


To connect to an extension, call 303-320-5570 then enter 7 digit extension

Name Position Email Extension
Eva Rodrigues Acting School School Director 8011501
John Clark Associate School Director 8011568
Lauren Snider  Grade 6 Dean 8011205
Steve Berglund Grade 7 Dean 8011407
Renetta Haynes Grade 8 Dean 8011221
Colin Haverkamp Director of Curriculum & Instruction 8011003
Heather Patel Director of Curriculum & Instruction 8011003
Lela Wilson Director of Curriculm & Instruction 8331316
Angela Turek Director of Curriculum & Instruction 8011355
Brock Hoover MS Athletic Director  
Emma Kravitz Social Worker 8011601
Tiffany Hall Special Education Coordinator 303-524-6345
Barbara Crow Special Education 8011421
Wayne Sutton  Special Education 8011421
Pam Freese Nurse 8012471
Leonardo Ruiz Office Manager 8011101
Sabrina Saint Jour Office Assistant 8011001

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