Staff Contact Information

To connect to an extension, call 303-320-5570 then enter 7 digit extension

Name Position Email Extension
John Clark School Director 8011568
Eva Rodrigues Associate School Director 8011501
Briana Mesa Associate School Director tbd
Lauren Snider  Dean 8011205
Renetta Haynes Dean 8011221
Emma Kravitz Social Worker 8011601
Lorin Monteferrante Special Services tbd
Jessica Kellem Special Services 8011421
Wayne Sutton  Special Services 8011421
Andra Duran Special Services 8011421
David Coons Center Program Lead tbd
Leonardo Ruiz Office Manager 8011101
Erika Bautista Office Assistant 8011001


6th Grade Staff

Allison Derr English
Ashley Sigrin English
Brenna Scronce Math
Christina Olson Science
Gillian Catano Science Apprentice
Jesisica Hibbert Science Apprentice
Jessika LaPaglia English
Logan Hughes Social Studies
Mallory Gordon Math
Tracey Neubrand Science

7th Grade Staff

Angela Brown Drama
Annie Brucer Math
Elizabeth Massey Science
Erica Van Sciver English
Ezequiel Davico Science
Kyle Jordan Art
Nicholas Remner Math
Robert Hartenstine English
Taylor Meneley Social Studies

8th Grade Staff

Allie Schechter Science
Amber Monks Math Apprentice
Amy Boatright Math
Ben DuCharme Science
Donald Seburn Science Apprentice
Jason Harrison Social Studies
Leslie Cook English
Steve Scott Math
T Lawhon English

Multiple Grades

Mikaela Orr MLL
Samer Jizi PE
Sarah Gibson MLL

Center Program: The Knight's Castle

Claudia Norton Support Specialist
Colleen Gaffney Support Specialist
Gabby Gilder Support Specialist
Quentin Thomas Support Specialist