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Dear Montview Families,

This morning you received communication from DSST that shared with you the delay to our in-person return to school. I want to start by acknowledging how frustrating, emotional, and disruptive that news is for many of our families and students. I know that this decision has been made to ensure the health and safety of our communities in light of rising numbers of COVID-19 in Denver. Still, we know the challenge of remote learning for our students, teachers, and families. Our desire to have kids in person and in our building is what we all want right now, and sadly this disease is making that difficult. I know many of you are tired and frustrated, and that this pandemic has put a burden on you as parents and caretakers.

As a school, we continue to be here to support and to provide your kids with the best education possible and a deep connection to their school community. This week alone I have seen our students showing incredible effort in exams for math and English, have watched 6th graders hosting student led tutoring sessions, and have been inspired by morning meetings about inclusivity and care for all members of our community. Our class attendance continues to average above 93% daily and our students’ feeling of connection to an adult in our school has grown significantly from the start of the school year. We are not satisfied, of course, and know there is much to continue doing, but we will build on these initial successes to deliver a world class education to your students no matter what COVID-19 throws our way.

We continue to plan for the moment that students can join us in person. Our recent round of planning was fruitful and we believe we have incredible plans that will ensure the safety of students and staff along with excellent instruction once we are cleared to return in person. We will share elements of those plans with you soon. Additionally, DSST will be exploring options at the middle school level to bring a small amount of students into our building for whom access to our building and a quiet, structured place to work will increase their daily engagement in school. More details to come soon.

Thank you families for all that you are doing in this current moment. As a community we will get through this and I believe we will be stronger and more uKnighted on the other side. 


Go Knights!

John Clark, School Director

School Culture update 

Please take a minute to watch our Morning Message to students about our Core Value of CURIOSITY!


MTV MS School Accountability Committee

The Montview School Accountability Committee (SAC) is designed to be an opportunity for community members to learn about the progress of DSST: MTV and to provide much needed feedback that will support our growth and development moving forward.These occur quarterly and are open to all members of our community to attend. Below are the dates for this year’s meetings which will occur 4:00-5:30pm and for the time being will all occur virtually until more in person options are possible.

-Monday, November 2nd

-Thursday, December 10th

-Thursday, March 11th

-Thursday, June 10th

All members of the community are invited to attend and we will provide details on how to attend ahead of these events. However, if you are interested in being a permanent member of this committee which would include communication and updates, in the interim, please email Leo Ruiz at


Student Grade/Work Completion Resources

We wanted to clarify for families on where to best find information regarding students' grades and work completion. Through our recent virtual Town Halls, we have realized the broader clarity would be useful for parents.Our advisors will continue to send regular bi-montly progress reports, but these platforms can provide you with level day to day information.

Parent Portal - Infinite Campus - This resource is best for up to date knowledge on student grades. This is updated by teachers on a weekly basis so that you have a clear view of your student’s progress each week. This is also an important place to see any missing work that needs to be completed in order to bring their grades up.

Google Classroom - This is the platform through which students receive nearly all of their daily classwork. In past years, this was a tool that some but not all teachers used but now it is used universally among our staff. This tool can allow you to see if daily work is being completed by your student and if they are submitting this to their teachers. Not all of this work makes its way into Infinite Campus but much of it does. This is simply a good spot to check on your kids daily work habits.


Extended Fall Break

We will extend fall break for students for the entire week of Oct. 19th-23rd. While we will not be returning to in-person school on Oct. 26th, Montview staff will still use these days to prepare ourselves on health and safety procedures along with instructional practices that will be needed once we are able to return to partial in-person learning in the future.



If you have not, please complete a Free/Reduced Lunch Application. All families, regardless of need, are encouraged to complete the form. Click HERE to complete.

You can pay your school fees online by clicking HERE.

If you have not submitted your student’s most recent immunization records, please send them to



It is the first Tuesday of the month, which means it's time to read the new edition of The Knight's Stand! 

The Knight's Stand, Return to School Decision


On Friday, October 2 at 5:30pm, our School Director, John Clark, delivered a Live Town Hall presentation of the October 1st decision to return to partial in-person learning. We greatly appreciate all those families who were able to attend and brought their excellent questions for Mr. Clark to answer. We also appreciate the demands and responsibilities of all of the famiilies who could not attend an event on a Friday evening. As promised, below is a recording of the Live Town Hall for all to you to view. There is much to be done in preparation for the partial return to in-personlearning on Monday, October 26. Please make sure you check Flyer and your emails for all of the upcoming information. 

Click the link below to view the recording. If you have any questions or concerns, please communicate with your child's Advisor.

Live Town Hall Recording


Dear Montview Families,

It’s nice that the weather is finally beginning to turn and that we are experiencing some cooler weather after what feels like such a warm end to summer and start to fall. Such shifts in weather often remind me to do more to step back, breathe, and to simply enjoy that moment. I found myself doing that often this weekend as I went on some long walks and enjoyed time outside with my family.

As you all know, DSST will make a decision this Thursday about students returning in person for school here at the end of the month. From there, I know there will be decisions you as a family will need to make and, for us as a school, there is much we will need to share about our plans for returning students should that be the decision. This certainly will be a stressful and uncertain time as we prepare for whatever is next. As a school, I continue to commit that we will communicate transparently and with clarity about our next steps so you and your family can plan accordingly. With that said, please join us for a Family Town Hall this Friday, Oct. 2nd at 5:30 pm where we will discuss the decision, our next steps as a school, and your next steps as a family. We will plan to host the town hall even if DSST decides to not return to in person learning.

With that in mind, I want to share a few thoughts on the need for all of us to step back, breathe, and to remind ourselves that we are doing the best we can. You all as parents and guardians have done and will continue to do so much for your kids throughout the stretch of this pandemic. During such stressful times for our families, remember to take time for self care both for yourself and your kids. Get them and yourself outside for breaks and exercise. On nice days, go for a long walk and clear your mind of all your current stresses. And above all, know that we are in this together as a community and need to be here for each other. Whatever is next, we will tackle it together!

Go Knights!

John Clark, School Director

School Culture update

What are the attendance expectations during E-School?

  1. School starts at 8:15 all students should be in their advisory at 8:15am.
  2. Students should be logging into all classes on time.
  3. Staying in class the entire time.
  4. Responding to teacher questions or prompts verbally or in the chat.
  5. Working through and completing all assignments on PearDeck and/or Google Classroom.
  6. Cameras are strongly encouraged for the most optimal learning experience and student accountability.
  7. Lunch Breaks are from 11:35-12:05 on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday.  Students should be back in classes at 12:05.
  8. Advisory Lunch happens on Wednesday from 11:30-12:00.  Students are expected to attend advisory lunch and attendance will be taken.
  9. On Wednesdays following advisory lunch, students need to attend 1:1 check-ins with their advisors as scheduled by their advisor.
  10. If students are assigned Mandatory Tutoring they are expected to attend from 2:45-3:15 with their respective teacher.

As a parent, how do I check my student’s missing work?

Here’s a link to guide you through how to get Google Classroom summaries of your student’s assignments:

Additionally, if there are any other questions you may contact your student’s advisor.

ANet Assessment Dates

ANet Assessments are a new assessment we will be giving this year in our Math and Reading classes. These will take the place of our Interim Assessments given in previous years and will occur four times each year. ANet assessments are standards based tests that assess standards covered so far this year in both Math and Reading and they do contribute to a student’s final grade in their classes. Information from these assessments will be used to support student learning including determining the need for more targeted supports or addition of more challenging work

Our first round of ANet assessments will occur on Monday, Oct. 12th and Tuesday, Oct. 13th with makeups taking place Oct. 14th and 15th. These will be done in their respective Reading and Math classes and it is critical that your students attend class on those days and are prepared to do their best on these assessments. 

Remind your students prior to these days the importance of a good night’s rest, adhering to their daily schedule, and working their hardest to show off what they have learned so far this year. Please reach out to your student’s advisor with any questions.

Flyer Messaging Update - Moving Bi-monthly

All of you should have received messages over the last three weeks from your student’s advisor through Flyer that included your student’s progress report. This has been a new system for us but we hope you have found it an effective way of seeing your students progress while also allowing for more streamlined communication with your student’s advisor.

Moving forward, these communications will arrive on a bi-monthly basis, meaning you will receive an individualized message with your student’s progress report once every two weeks. This will allow teachers more time to then follow up with families, to track progress and make different plans over the course of those two weeks between messages. Your next individualized Flyer message should be received no later than Friday, October 9th.

If you would like to talk to your advisor about this and make a different plan for communication so that you can support your student, please reach out to them directly. As a note, you can continue to monitor your child’s grades through Parent Portal in Infinite Campus

Return to School Decision Timeline Reminder

Thursday, October 1: Network Return to School Decision

Friday, October 2 at 5:30pm: MTV MS Live Town Hall: Following the Network decision on October 1, we are inviting all families to attend a Live Town Hall. 

  • We will use Microsoft Teams to present the Event, not Zoom. A link and phone # will be sent out later this week.
  • If you do not have Microsoft Teams on your computer or phone, you can download it HERE.
  • We will send reminders throughout the week
  • For more information on DSST’s Return to School Decision Making Process, click HERE

Reminders and Upcoming dates:

Thursday, October 1st: October Count Day--every year the Colorado Department of Education uses our attendance as a way to assess funding for our students and school. While we always ask that you support your Knight’s attendance, we especially ask that you ensure your Knight is online and in class on October 1.

Monday, October 12 and Tuesday, October 13: ANet Assessment in Math and Reading

Wednesday, October 14 and Thursday, October 15: ANet Make-up dates

If you have not, please complete a Free/Reduced Lunch Application. All families, regardless of need, are encouraged to complete the form. Click HERE to complete.

You can pay your school fees online by clicking HERE.

If you have not submitted your student’s most recent immunization records, please send them to



Dear Montview Families,

Today is the Fall Equinox and the official end of Summer and the start to Fall. I personally love Fall. I’m a big college football fan (Go Irish!) and I appreciate the change in weather to include cooler temperatures. Although the days get shorter, there’s much about the season of Fall that feels like things are slowing and calming down after a hectic end to summer, which always includes the launch of a new school year.

What I also love about Fall is that it is a time of year where we are getting comfortable in our routines at school, getting to know our kids more deeply, and moving into content and standards that will start to push our student thinking for the year ahead. This week our staff is dedicated to not getting comfortable, simply because we are 4 weeks into the school year. Instead, we are looking for ways to push ourselves and our students to achieve at the highest levels possible early in the school year. With the change of season, work with your students to find ways they can push themselves in school even as they might be growing more and more comfortable with their teachers and classmates.

Go Knights!

John Clark, School Director

PMM Testing Updates

If your student receives Multi-Language Learner services, they will be engaging in our Beginning of the Year Progress Monitoring assessment to help us better understand their current development and so that we may better support them in their English language development throughout the school year. The assessment was given on September 9 and September 16 and will be given once more on September 23. Please make sure your student is present and that they have a quiet work space available. 

School Culture update 

  • Attendance: we were able to improve our attendance and averaged above 93% last week. We still need your help because our goal is to have 95% attendance each call period. Please support students to log in and remain in class for its duration. 

Testing Culture and Family Partnership:

We are asking for family support to ensure that students are meeting the following expectations when they take tests or other assessments: 

  • Teachers will send a message 1 week before test day to inform families when tests are scheduled. 
  • We strongly encourage every student to turn on camera during their test to allow teachers proctor the test most effectively. 
  • If there are any reasons a student is not able to turn on camera during the testing period, we ask that parents/guardians communicate that with the teacher who is administering the test. 

In this online learning environment our collaboration and partnerships are the secret sauce to our students’ success. We appreciate your support and we are grateful for your partnership. Thank you Knight Families!

Test taking expectations

  1. Students are working in a quiet area.
  2. Students are expected to have cameras on during the test.
  3. Students are expected to have their microphones muted.

Lauren Snider, Dean of Students:

Renetta Haynes, Dean of Students:

Technical Support:

Reminders and Upcoming dates:

Monday, September 25: No E-School for students; Professional Development Day. Students will not need to be logged on this day for classes.

Thursday, October 1st: October Count Day--every year the Colorado Department of Education uses our attendance as a way to assess funding for our students and school. While we always ask that you support your Knight’s attendance, we especially ask that you ensure your Knight is online and in class on Thursday, October 1

If you have not, please complete a Free/Reduced Lunch Application. All families, regardless of need, are encouraged to complete the form. Click HERE to complete.

You can pay your school fees online by clicking HERE.

If you have not submitted your student’s most recent immunization records, please send them to