Clubs & Activities

MUSIC CLUB –--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The music club helps to connect students in the community who share a love for creating music.  The music club will organize several after school programs that allow students to learn to play instruments, improve their skills and record their music.  Students will also find the space in the building to rehearse and then perform live music at events and morning meetings. 


MOCK TRIAL  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mock Trial meets on Saturdays in Room 210.  We will begin practices on October 3rd.  Most practices run from 9 – 12, but when we have scrimmages, they are from 9 – 3.  I will have our practice schedule more detailed soon.  The season starts early October, and goes through March for the State tournament.  We have six incredibly dedicated attorney coaches to make this experience as rich as possible.


QUIZ BOWL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is a trivia club with competitive opportunities.  If you love trivia or just want to buff up on some facts come join the Quiz Bowl team on Thursdays after school from 3:45-5.  If you would like to become a more competitive Quiz Bolwer you can be on the actual team that travels and competes in the Matchwitz tournament in Pueblo.


ROBOTICS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Our Robotics Team gives students the opportunity to design, build, and program robots and then compete against other schools.  Last year was our most successful year ever and we are looking to build on that success!  We participate in two six-week-long competitions during the school year: BEST Robotics (beginning on September 3), and FIRST Robotics (beginning on January 7). Students who are unable to participate in BEST (e.g. due to fall sports commitments) are welcome to join the team in November when we begin pre-season training projects to prepare for FIRST. The team schedule is: Wednesday: 3-8pm, Friday: 4-8pm, Saturday: 12-6pm.  Each meeting will be held in Room 100, the Fab Lab.


NATIONAL HONORS SOCIETY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

National Honors Society is the perfect opportunity for students to for students who have demonstrated academic excellence to be recognized and take on a greater role in their community by offering their time. This year, National Honors Society will be putting an even greater emphasis on having students give back through service hours, including more opportunities to volunteer inside and outside the school. Our major DSST community project will be Peer Tutoring and our first outside project will be at a local homeless shelter. Regular meeting times will be decided by a vote of the members.


ART CLUB ------------------------------------------------------------

Art Club – Tuesdays Afterschool in room 102 from 3:40-4:30.   Art club is chance to experience different artistic mediums and skills, to express yourself, or to simply be creative.  We offer one on one art lessons and also provide bigger workshops or skills in order to offer a wide variety of immersion in the arts.  We love to provide the opportunity to get out into the community and see actual artists, through field trips to art exhibits and museums.  Please come on down anytime to simply enjoy some art in a relaxed atmosphere and make our school more beautiful and amazing.  Let us bring art to DSST: Montview!