Staff Contact Information

High School Directors          
Sullivan Dan 303-524-6325 8011568 Campus Director
Foley Erica 303-802-4230 8012468 Associate Director of Curriculum
Hugo Josh 303-802-4109 8011468 Associate Director of Culture
High School Deans          
Mitchell Kelly 303-802-4223 8011671 Prep Dean of 9th and 10th Grade
Bissinger Zachary 303-524-6327 8011155 HS Dean of 11th and 12th Grade
Front Office Team          
Burkin Monica 303-524-6240 8011170 HS Office Manager
Vavrusa Amber 303-524-6334 8011006 Office Assistant/Elective Coordinator
Athletic Department          
Dresher Kate 303-524-6330 8011537 HS Athletic Director-Internship Coordinator
Scronce Allan   8011005 Athletics
College Placement Team          
Williams Kateri 303-524-6341 8011208 Director of College Placement
Teeter Toni Marie   8011211 Assistant Director College Placement
Instruction and Curriculum          
Thomsen Jeff   8331859 Testing Coordinator and Culture Team Support
Turek Angie   8011355 HS Director of Curriculum &Instruction
Technology Support          
Schultz Tim   8011143 Technology Support Coordinator
Mental Health Team          
LaPres Samantha 303-802-4240 8011169 Social Worker
Johnson Kelly   8011601 Phychologist
Chavez Tracy   8011004 Facilities Manager
Bautista Oscar       Facilities Assistant Manager
Heinke Pamela   8011471 Nurse
Pacheco Luis   8011173 Cafeteria Manager
Faculty and Staff          
Ahearn Tomi   8331484  Math Teacher
Arnson Ashley ParaProfessional
Arnesen Sig   8331465 11th grade U.S. History
Barrows Blair                        8331064 Special Education Teacher
Boeck Anna   8331857 Science Apprentice Teacher
Bohlken Connor   8331858 Math Teacher
Breece Yvette 303-524-6345 8331582 Special Education Teacher
Burns Shelley   8331462 World Literature
Chan Jonathan   8331245 9th Grade Physics
Cyr Patrick   8331595 Senior Academy Calculus
Desserich Jeff   8331219 Math teacher
Dressel Dan   8331860 Math Apprentice Teacher
Esposito Greg   8331871 World History and US History
Feingold Lynne   8331583 ELD Coordinator & AP Spanish
Gigiolio George   8331178 AP Chemistry,Bio-Chemistry,Bio-tech
Hall Tiffany 303-802-4241 8011571 Special Education Coordinator
Hamdorf Leslie   8331526 Civics/Senior Project Coordinator
Hamilton Bret   8331406 English Teacher
Hathaway Hannah   8331872 AP Biology
Hofschild Cory   8331118 Creative Engineer Teacher
Hollenbach Jeff   8331220 9th Physics Teacher
Huggins Akeem   8331587 Math teacher
Jung Natalie   8331596 Composition Teacher
Kargar Victoria   8331527 Spanish Teacher
Karner Sarah   8331443 Theather Production & Comedy Studies
Kieffer Emily   8331588 Spanish Teacher
Knox Laura   8331589 English Teacher
Krueger Raven   8331529 Humanaties Teacher
Lawlor Samantha   8011163 Special Education Teacher
LaPres Samantha 303-802-4240 8011169 Social Worker
Lee Marla   8331874 Spanish Teacher
Lepore Molly   8331875 English Teacher
Marzen Mark   8331352 Math teacher
Ott Janet   8331532 ParaProfessional
Parker Nicole   8331592 English Teacher
Perales Kristen   8331876 Spanish Teacher
Provencher Albert ParaProfessional
Reynolds Valerie ParaProfessional
Robbins Thomas   8331593 Chemistry Teacher
Seeloff Rhett   8331424 10th Grade World Literature
Thomas Lara   8331301 11th Grade Earth Science & Critical Skills Development
Trujillo Toni   8331877 Composition
Walker Hilary   8331195 12th Grade Physics and Engineering
Wilson Lela   8331316 Bio & AP Psychology
Wright Chapin   8331099 10th Grade World History
Yap Jasmine   8331214 10th grade Chemistry Teacher