Our Program

Each year, students take a base of core classes which include a Science, Social Studies, English, Math, and Spanish (Native and Non-Native) course. Each course includes elements of differentiation to help meet students where they are and challenge them to continue to grow.

Our class offerings also include support classes as needed for particular students. For our multilingual learners, we offer Academic English and English Across the Disciplines classes. For our students with IEPs, we offer both push-in and pull-out support as needed.

We believe that, in addition to core classes, electives are vital for students to feel connected and explore their passions. 


PREP ACADEMY Core Curriculum Classes

  • 9th Grade:  Physics, Humanities, Math, Spanish, Composition and Elective

  • 10th Grade:  Chemistry, World Literature, Math, Spanish, World History and Elective

Along, with the core curriculum classes we offer a select variety of electives for our Prep Academy. Currently, those classes are: 

  • Entrepreneurial Studies (9th)

  • Health & Fitness (9th)

  • Creative Engineering (9th & 10th)

  • Journalism (10th)

  • Advanced Visual Art (10th)


SENIOR ACADEMY Core Curriculum Classes

  • 11th Grade:  Biology (option for AP Biology), Earth Science, Critical Skills, American Literature, Math, Spanish, U.S. History (option for AP U.S. History) and Internship

  • 12th Grade:  AP English Language and Composition, Math, Civics, Senior Science and Lab (Physics & Engineering, BioChemistry & BioTechnology, Computer Science & Programming) and Senior Elective Senior Project

DSST is committed to not just offering AP courses, but to ensuring that students will be successful on the AP exams in order to earn college credit. Our philosophy continues to be that depth is more valuable than breadth when it comes to advanced course offerings while also offering a variety of high quality AP courses. In addition, DSST Montview is very responsive to its high achieving student body and will plan its course offerings accordingly to ensure this high level of academic rigor continues throughout students’ high school years.

Current AP Course Offerings

  • AP US History

  • AP Calculus (AB & BC)

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Biology

  • AP Physics

  • AP Spanish

  • AP English Language

  • AP Psychology

  • AP Computer Science



An advisory is a small group of  students, who are assigned an advisor that they see daily. The purpose of a student having advisory is to ensure that each student has a touch point and connection with a specific teacher and students.  

Advisory also provides each student with more localized support to ensure that the student is receiving the adequate support in managing their high school experience. The advisor is the student’s go-to teacher if families or students have questions regarding their student’s success with us.  



In the 11th grade year, all DSST students participate in a 10-week long internship. The intention of the internship program is to give students an opportunity to explore different career paths and apply the learning they’ve done in classes to a real-world job. Each school has an Internship Coordinator, who is responsible for finding organizations and matching them with student interns based on the student’s interest. Students have been placed at organizations like the Denver Zoo, Atlas Physical Therapy, Mike Johnston for Colorado, and Teach for America, among others.

Internships take place during the school day, in place for an elective for one trimester of the year.



In the 12th grade year, all students will complete a Senior Project of their choice. In the past, our students have successfully completed a wide variety of projects, from designing a working drone to holding a voter registration drive; from building a tiny house to a fundraising to reduce medical debt. Senior projects are intended to synthesize learning from their experiences throughout their time with DSST and culminate into a final, long-term project and presentation.



There are two ways to earn physical education credits: 

1. Sports– After School, everyday 

  • Fall - beginning in August 

    • Volleyball

    • Boys’ soccer

  • Winter - beginning in November 

    • Girl’s basketball

    • Boy’s basketball

  • Spring - beginning in February

    • Girls soccer 

    • Baseball

2- Outside Participation 

  • It is the student’s responsibility to set up the sport/activity and notify the Athletic Director to ensure that the sport/activity qualifies for PE credit. CHSAA allows students to participate at another school in sanctioned sports not offered at DSST. This is a privilege and not a rule. 

    • Participation Requirements:  

      • Outside Participation form to Athletic Director required at the start of the sport season.  

      • Athletic Director communicates with the partner school.  

      • Athlete is responsible for own transportation.  

      • Parent/Guardian must sign out student athlete leaving school early for practice/games.  

      • Athlete must be eligible for the entire sport season.  Student athlete must follow DSST rules of CP, Tutoring and Refocus. Physical activity outside those offered at DSST can be weighted for PE credit. 

      • The Athletic Director determines if the activity meets the criteria for DSST credit.



Along with our regular curriculum, we offer a range of extracurricular activities, clubs and alliance groups for our students. These offerings are free and open to any student that would like to participate. 

NEW! Student Union: Clubs, Alliances & Organizations



DSST: Montview is a CHSAA member school in the 3A division and a member of the Frontier League. DSST provides a program that fosters participation and enjoyment of interscholastic team competition, as well as non-competitive fitness activities. The athletic program emphasizes high level skill and strategies, teamwork, good sportsmanship, school spirit, character building and fun. The goal is to provide each student with a sense of affiliation, motivation, and accomplishment by balancing a challenging experience with support and encouragement. The non-competitive fitness options, which include activities like yoga, and weightlifting and mindful/stress buster emphasize the acquisition of fundamental life-long skills.

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