Athletics Overview

Athletic Overview


DSST: Montview is a CHSAA member school in the 3A division and a member of the Frontier League. DSST provides a program that fosters participation and enjoyment of interscholastic team competition, as well as non-competitive fitness activities. The athletic program emphasizes high level skill and strategies, teamwork, good sportsmanship, school spirit, character building and fun. The goal is to provide each student with a sense of affiliation, motivation, and accomplishment by balancing a challenging experience with support and encouragement. The non-competitive fitness options, which include activities like yoga, and weightlifting and mindful/stress buster emphasize the acquisition of fundamental life-long skills.

The athletic program is an integral part of DSST's curriculum and emphasizes living the school's Core Values. In order to fulfill the Physical Education graduation requirement, students must successfully complete three credits by participating in athletics, lifetime activities or outside athletic participation. Students must remain in good academic standing in order to be eligible to participate in athletics and all school rules and policies apply to athletics.


As a graduation requirement from the state of Colorado- each student must have 3 credits of sports or PE.  Students are recommended to get all 3 credits by the end of the JUNIOR year.

These are the ways a student can make that happen:

1.  Be a student athlete for a DSST sport or be a manager (all levels count C/JV/Varsity)

2.  Participate in a sport, we do not offer, at another school (football at Northfield/softball at Manual) – Outside Participation form needed to be signed by coach. The other school will request eligibility checks so we need to know if a student is playing a sport at another school.

3.  Cheerleading was sanctioned last year but up in the air for this year.  Stay tuned.

4.  Participate in an activity such as gymnastics, ballet, karate, boxing etc……outside of school.  Working out at 24 hour fitness does not count.  Permission from athletic director is needed and Outside participation form filled out.

5.  Brock is teaching a PE class for 9th and 10th graders.  Each trimester is worth one credit.

6.  In trimester two or three Mr. Chan may offer a weight training class for credit.  Also yoga may be offered trimester two or three.


DSST: Montview is located at 2000 Valentia, Denver, 80238

Athletic Director - Kate Dresher