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Agbalokwu, Lindsay Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Alderman, Lindsay 7th Grade English Teacher
Agranove, Julia  ELD Math Teacher 8331927
Anderson, Jason  Systems Admin 222A 8331926
Ascherl, Evan 8th Grade Science Teacher 8331864
Balakier, Maya School Director in training
Brown, Molly 8th Grade Math Teacher
Chin, Brandi  School Director 202 8331070
Clanton, DeJuan 8th Grade Dean of Students 221 8331134
Coultas-McKenney, Camilyn  6th Grade Science Teacher 8331085
De La Hoz, Godfrey 6th Grade Social StudiesTeacher  217 8331865
Estenik, Rowan 7th Grade Math Teacher
Favorite, Travonda  Associate School Director 227 8331870
Garcia, Edgar  6th Grade Math Teacher 8331078
Gee, Alyssa  6th Grade Science Teacher 8331929
Gillespie, Samatha 7th Grade Science Teacher
Gordon, Maria  Computer Science Teacher  216 8331001
Gutierrez, Denisse  Front Office Manager 8331863
Hakes, Samantha  8th Grade English Teacher 8331931
Hall, Adreka  Special Education Teacher 8331932
Hegstrom, Emily 6th Grade English Teacher 213
Hooper, Brianna Performing Arts Teacher
Katner, Kimberly Psychologist
Mihailovic, Tara 8th Grade Science Teacher
Miller, Dana ELD Teacher
Montgomery, Lauren  7th Grade Science Teacher  203 8331934
Neher, Lara 8th Grade Math Teacher 8331867
Overmyer, Lilia  7th Grade Social Studies Teacher 220 8331935
Pacifico, Alexandria  6th Grade English Teacher   211 8331720
Peña, Pavi Spanish Language Arts Teacher 8331936
Poprish, Nomi  8th Grade English Teacher 8331938
Powers, Reagan SPED English Teacher
Raybon, Alana  Director of Curriculum & Instruction 8331861
Sanchez, Luz Office Assistant 8331939
Semcheski, Sara  Visual Arts Teacher 218 8331869
Sheren, Amy  6th Grade Math Teacher 210 8331571
Shulman, Austin 7th Grade Math Teacher
Snyder, Eli 8th Grade English Teacher
Thornberry, Morgan 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Tindall, BreOnna  6th Grade Math Teacher 207 8331600
White, Kevin Apprentice Teacher
Whited, Riley 7th Grade English Teacher 207 8332055


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