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About Our School

Located in Southwest Denver at 3005 S. Golden Way, DSST: Henry currently serves grades 6-7, with an 8th grade class to be added in the 2018-2019 school year. 

Close, caring relationships are at the heart of our approach and our school culture intentionally fosters strong relationships. We prepare students for college, with an emphasis on developing students through liberal arts learning (reading, writing, mathematics, and science). Students succeed through classroom environments that are structured for success with clear academic and behavioral expectations, and flourish in our many extracurricular activities and athletic programs. Ultimately our goal is to ensure that our students are prepared for college, career and life.



Each year, students take a base of core classes, which include a reading, writing, social studies, math, and science course. Additionally, students have the opportunity to choose electives each year.

We believe that by holding our students to a high standard, and through offering them high support, they will thrive academically. Our small school setting allows teachers and students to develop and nurture close relationships to create an inclusive, strong community and a culture where every student is valued for who they are and their successes.



DSST is committed to educating our students holistically through a strong academic program, along with numerous opportunities to engage in after-school programming, including sports and clubs.

Our athletics program fosters participation and enjoyment of interscholastic team competition, as well as non-competitive fitness activities. The program emphasizes high level skill and strategies, teamwork, good sportsmanship, school spirit, character building and fun. The goal is to provide each student with a sense of affiliation, motivation, and accomplishment by balancing a challenging experience with support and encouragement. Students also have the opportunity to participate in after school clubs. After school clubs reflect student interests and provide the opportunity to foster passions outside of the classroom.

The athletic and extracurricular club programs are an integral part of DSST's curriculum and emphasizes living the school's Core Values.


Shared Campus

The S. Arthur Henry facility was built in 1975 and housed Henry Middle School (later called Henry World School) for 40 years. When Denver Public Schools voted to halt enrollment of new grades at Henry World School, they invited two new middle schools to fill the space, DSST: Henry Middle School and Bear Valley International School (BVIS).

The S. Arthur Henry Facility, build in 1975, houses DSST: Henry Middle School, Bear Valley International School (BVIS) and Henry Legacy World School. By Fall of 2018, BVIS and DSST: Henry will both serve the 6-8th grades and will provide two high-quality middle school programs for families to choose from in the S. Arthur Henry building.

In Fall of 2019, when DSST: Henry’s founding class enters the 9th grade, the DSST network will open a high school as near to the Henry middle school as possible. At full build-out in 2023, this DSST campus will serve the 6th-12th grades in the Southwest community and will achieve 100% college acceptance for each and every one of its graduates.

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