Staff Contact Information

Tel: 303-524-6300 General line.

Name Title Extension Email
Austin, Jamelle campus athletic director 8336396
Austin, Patrice Science 8th grade 8331550
Bolden, David Science 8th grade 8331504
Broaddus, Casandra Reading 7th grade 8331575
Buckner, Lisa Special Education 8023104
Burck, Brad Science 7th grade 8331067
Castro, Sylvia ELD coordinator 8331522
Claussen, Ellen Social Studies 8331155
Csongei, Patrick Reading 6th grade 8331574
Cunningham, Emily Psycology 8023110
Dvorak, Erin Art 8331006
Evans, Amanda Special Education 7th grade 8331579
Fischer, Alissa Reading 8th grade 8331013
Frank, Madeline AT 7th grade Science 8331012
Gaudiani, Caroline School Director 8331091
Gibson, Jeffrey AT 8th grade Math 8331016
Greenwald, Tess Writing 6th grade 8331852
Gutierrez Elias IT 8331149
Hawk, Whitney Center program teacher 8331495
Hobbs, Raymond Social Studies 7th grade 8331418
Horton, Rosanna Reading 8th grade 8331576
Jennejahn, Aaron Reading 6th grade 8331000
Lewis, Natalie School Director in Training 8331020
Martin, Corey Math 6th grade 8331503
Martinez, Justice Math 8th grade 8331258
Matthews, Laquesh Para-professional Center program 8331501
Mayrand, Brooke Special Education 8th grade 8331580
McConnell, Jen Reading 7th grade 8331500
Monaco. Audrey Special Education 8331883
Nava, Analisse Science 6th grade 8331034
Nist, Nick Electives Teacher 8331032
O'Hare, Lauren Math 7th grade 8331310
Palacios, Karla Operational Manager 8023104
Ruiz, Jorge Science 7th grade 8331033
Sandbloom, Chase Writing 8th grade 8331102
Schall, Jaime Dean of Students 8023109
Scott, Alexandre Science 6th grade 8331011
Shabazz, Ibn Physical education All grades 8331573
Shannon, Quincy Student Support Coordinator 8331411
Sklepovich, Rebecca Director of Curriculum and Instruction 8331035
Smith  Shasta Math 6th grade 8331458
Somsky, Mandy Math 8th grade 8331025
Spohn, Cody Dean of Students 8331113
Stockdale, Therese Front office assistant 8331040
Syariff, Tiffany Director of Curriculum and Instruction 8331572
Taylor, Janeka Music 8331212
Taylor, Robin Writing 7th grade 8331429
Tran, Melissa Social Studies 8th grade 8331363
Wentz, James Site Assessment Lead MS & HS 8331002
Whitehead, Carmen Math 7th grade 8331089