Staff Contact Information

Tel: 303-524-6300 General line.

Name Title Email
Austin, Jamelle Athletic director
Austin, Patrice Science 8th grade
Bolden, David Science 8th grade
Broaddus, Casandra Reading 7th grade
Buckner, Lisa Sped
Castro, Silvia ELD Coordinator
Claussen, Ellen Social Studies
Cordova, Makalla Science 6th grade
Csongei, Patrick Reading 6th grade
Cunningham, Emily Psychology
Daniel, Evan Social Studies 8 Historian
De la Rosa, Flor Paraprofessional
Dvorak, Erin Art
Evans, Amanda Special Education 7th grade
Fernandez, Mary Lynne ELD
Fischer, Alissa Special Education 6th grade
Frank, Madeline AT 7th grade Science
Gaudiani Caroline School Director
Gibson, Jeffrey 6th grade Math
Greenwald, Tess Writing 6th grade
Gutierrez, Elias IT Support for GVR Campus
Hobbs, Raymond Social Studies 7th grade
Hwang, Sandra Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Jennejahn, Aaron Reading 6th grade
Martin, Corey Math 6th grade
Martinez, Justice Math 8th grade
Mayrand, Brooke Center Program
McConnell, Jen 8th grade Math
Moore, Ari Special Education 8
Nava, Analisse Science 7th grade
Norton, Dena Center Program
O'Hare, Lauren Math 7th grade
Ortiz, Kenia Science 7th
Ottaway, Camille Math 1AT/C.S
Palacios, Karla Director of School Operations
Perio, Abegail Science 8th grade
Pietrafeso, Katerina SpEd
Sandbloom, Chase Writing 8th grade
Scadden, Abby Humanities
Schall, Jaime Dean of Students
Scott, Alexandre Science 6th grade
Shabazz, Ibn Physical education All grades
Shannon, Quincy Student Support Coordinator
Sklepovich, Rebecca Associate School Director
Spohn, Cody Dean of Students
Stockdale, Therese Front office assistant
Taylor, Janeka Music
Taylor, Robin Writing 7th grade
Thompson, Libby Reading 7th grade
Tran, Melissa Social Studies 8th grade
Wafula, Jessica Social Studies
Whitehead, Carmen Math 7th grade