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Parent Portal

Denver Public Schools (DPS) offers parents the Parent Portal, a program that allows you to access accurate, current, and confidential information about your child’s school attendance, grades, class assignments, and more. Please see the attachments below for the Parent Portal Agreement, which must be signed in front of a school staff member to be valid, and a quick reference guide from DPS. Please contact the Parent Portal Hotline with questions: 720-423-3163.

Note that the Parent Portal is separate from the Student Portal, which allows students to access their own information. Students may contact their Deans with questions or if in need of assistance. Learn more about the Parent/Student Portal by downloading the Parent Toolkit. The Portal Team has also coordinated a variety of training resources for parents/guardians. Please visit their website  for additional resources.

Tutorial video n English HERE

Tutorial en Español AQUI


DSST: GVR Middle School participates in the DPS Success Express shuttle service. The campus stop is listed in the Evie Dennis Campus. The Success Express features a fleet of DPS buses that circulates through the Far Northeast neighborhood starting at 6:30 am.

All students use a DPS transportation pass. If your student has lost their pass, please have them speak with the front office at their school to receive a temporal and order from DPS+pass.

Specal education service (IEP, 504 and Center program)

Science and Tech Parent Group STP

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Our Science and Parent Group (STP) needs YOU! DSST GVR STP is an inclusive community that engages parents/guardians, families and the community as partners to support academic success, the core values and promote the physical, social and emotional wellness of all students.

STP provides:

  • Student Support: Community & Social events (dances, banquets, continuation, prom, etc.)

  • Staff Support: Volunteers, Classroom Needs & Staff Appreciation Events

  • Parent Support: Your Voice, Outreach & Socials

Stay updated on school news and events and connect with us on Facebook!

You can also contact us by email at

Parental Involvement is the Key to Student Success! Get Involved Today!




Throughout our network we have had a number of questions posed by families in regards to immigration policy changes at the federal level and how that impacts individuals in the community. We have created this guide as a response to these inquiries.

If you have specific questions please feel free to reach out to DSST’s Manager of Advocacy, Hillary Hoffman at or call our main line at 303-802-4140 to get transferred to Hillary.

As always, we are committed to the emotional safety of our students. 

Purposes of this guide:

  • Provide information about who families can reach out to for help within the community.
  • Provide general guidance on your legal rights in event of an immigration visit or raid.
  • Always seek the advice of an immigration lawyer on all legal issues. This guide is not meant to provide formal legal counsel.
  • Make sure that the sources you are using for updates and news are trusted and reliable sources.  


In  addition, DSST stands by our Gender Identity Policy and Guidelines and will continue to stand in support of our gender diverse staff, students and families.  

School Based Clinic at the Evie Dennis Campus (Denver Health services)

To sign up for the clinic, parents/guardians fill out e-consent for specific school:

To make an appointment, parents or students can e-mail or call 303-602-8958. The Evie Dennis school clinic direct number is 720-423-7610.

Here is a quick video plugging school clinics made by a teen advocate:

Title I

At DSST GVR MS, we understand the importance of alignment within the school community in order to achieve our mission of preparing scholars to compete, achieve, and lead in college and in life. This mission can be best achieved when scholars, families, and school staff are all actively involved in education and working to meet the school’s cultural and curricular expectations. We all share the responsibility of promoting student learning and, as educational partners, we value each person’s contribution to our school community. 

Title I, Part A helps to provide local educational agencies (LEAs) with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families with funds to help ensure that these students are receiving the same quality education as all students, helping them to meet challenging state academic standards. Engaging with parents, families and communities is one, important aspect of this program.  Schools and LEAs must actively engage the parents and families of Title I eligible students in the development of state and local education plans, school improvement plans as well as Title II, III, and IV plans and applications. 

DSST GVR MS is a title I school, here we are including the agenda for the meeting we had at Back to School Night on October 1st. If you would like to know more about the resouces and programs, contact: Thank you