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Dear DSST Families, 

We hope you are all having a great week and enjoying the sunshine before the winter storms hit this weekend! As the forecast for snow continues to develop, so do the snow day policies. You may have already seen the recent announcement DPS shared regarding their updated snow day policy, and we would like to update you on what this means for our schools. 

If the weather requires DPS to close school buildings, that first snow day will be a traditional snow day- one with no instruction, in-person or remote. However, if the following day still mandates building closures, there will be remote learning on that day and those that follow. Just like before, we will follow DPS closure guidelines at our schools. There is one small shift- we will now follow these guidelines both at all of our Denver DSST schools as well as Aurora Science & Tech. To be clear, if APS still plans to offer remote instruction on the first snow day, AST will still have a traditional snow day without instruction, just like the other DSST schools. 

DPS has advised that they will send a notification by midday before an anticipated multi-day closure to help staff and students prepare for virtual learning. For example, if DPS anticipates that buildings will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, we should receive notice to ensure all students and staff go home with their laptops for virtual learning by midday Friday. In this example, Monday would be a traditional snow day with no instruction, and Tuesday would be a remote learning day. Students are always encouraged to bring their laptops home with them every day, however in this situation it is especially important that they follow this guidance. 

At this point, no snow days have been announced yet. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive more information from our partners at DPS. And if you haven’t already, please take a moment to complete the Trimester 2 survey by March 22! Your feedback is critical as we work to continuously improve and provide your students with a world-class education. 

Thank you, 

DSST Public Schools 

Familias de DSST,

¡Esperamos que todos estén teniendo una gran semana y disfrutando del sol antes de que lleguen las tormentas de invierno este fin de semana! A medida que el pronóstico de nieve continúa desarrollándose, también lo hacen las políticas para días de nieve. Es posible que ya haya visto el anuncio reciente que DPS compartió con respecto a su política actualizada para los días de nieve, y nos gustaría informarle sobre lo que esto significa para nuestras escuelas. 

Si el clima requiere que DPS cierre los edificios escolares, ese primer día de nieve será un día de nieve tradicional, sin instrucción, en persona o remota. Sin embargo, si el día siguiente todavía exige el cierre de edificios, habrá aprendizaje remoto ese día y los siguientes. Al igual que antes, seguiremos las pautas de cierre de DPS en nuestras escuelas. Hay un pequeño cambio: ahora seguiremos estas pautas tanto en todas nuestras escuelas DSST de Denver como en Aurora Science & Tech. Para ser claros, si APS todavía planea ofrecer instrucción remota el primer día de nieve, AST seguirá teniendo un día de nieve tradicional sin instrucción, al igual que las otras escuelas DSST.

DPS ha informado que enviarán notificaciones antes del mediodía antes de un cierre anticipado de varios días para ayudar al personal y a los estudiantes a prepararse para el aprendizaje virtual. Por ejemplo, si DPS anticipa que los edificios estarán cerrados los lunes y martes, deberíamos recibir un aviso para asegurarnos de que todos los estudiantes y el personal se vayan a casa con sus computadoras portátiles para el aprendizaje virtual antes del mediodía del viernes. En este ejemplo, el lunes sería un día de nieve tradicional sin instrucción y el martes sería un día de aprendizaje remoto. Siempre se anima a los estudiantes a traer sus computadoras portátiles a casa todos los días, sin embargo, en esta situación, es especialmente importante que sigan esta guía. 

En este punto, aún no se han anunciado días de nieve. Continuaremos manteniéndolo actualizado a medida que recibamos más información de nuestros socios en DPS. Y si aún no lo ha hecho, tómese un momento para completar la encuesta del segundo trimestre antes del 22 de marzo. Sus comentarios son fundamentales a medida que trabajamos para mejorar continuamente y brindar a sus estudiantes una educación de clase mundial. 


Escuelas Públicas de DSST 


Dear Incredible Raptor Families, 

I cannot express the intense joy and energy it has brought to my life, and the lives of our staff, to have your incredible children back with us in the building. We wish it could be everybody and five days a week, but we will take any moment we can with them! I hope each of them has had a positive experience as well, and please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is a way we can make the experience better. 

As you know, my number one priority is to keep your children safe, and we have been hyper focused on the operations that make that possible. Morning screeners, temperature taking, masks and face shields, carefully distanced spaces, and clear communication have been going very smoothly, and we are always looking for ways to make things even safer. 

That’s why we are so excited to be partnering with COVIDCheck Colorado to provide free, fast and convenient COVID-19 community sample testing to all in-person staff and students. “Community sample testing” is where you test a small group of individuals within the community regularly to mitigate asymptomatic community spread of the virus (meaning this lets us manage spread even when a person isn’t showing any signs of being sick). According to the Centers for Disease Control, 40% of people who are infected with the coronavirus show no symptoms. This regular, preventative testing is a critical step in keeping our community safe, as it will identify asymptomatic cases to prevent community spread. The below image illustrates how community sample testing works alongside all of our safety protocols to greatly minimize the risk of community spread of COVID-19. 

Essentially - with each layer of safety, we make it harder and harder for any COVID virus to make it through our defenses!!


Through our partnership with COVIDCheck, we will offer on-site “community sample” testing to staff and students who are attending in-person, beginning February 8th. Testing will be done with roughly 20% of our staff & students (who have signed a consent form) every week on Mondays/Thursdays. Within a five week period, everyone enrolled in the program will get tested. If you consent to your child being tested you will be notified prior to the test, and then notified within 24-48 hours via text and e-mail with a link to their test results. Your information and test results will be sent via a secure platform that is only accessible by you, and a select group of individuals at DSST and DPS for contact tracing purposes. None of this information is shared with any other parties (outside of those used by COVID Check Colorado for testing and contact tracing)

What kind of testing is it? The saliva protocol that COVIDCheck Colorado uses is SalivaDirect™, which is an FDA Emergency Use Authorization-approved PCR testing protocol. The Yale School of Public Health developed the protocol; the NBA used SalivaDirect™ in “the bubble” to test its players, and the protocol is being rolled out to other organizations, institutions, and populations around the country. Yale’s studies have shown that SalivaDirect™ PCR is as sensitive as a nasal PCR test and is both more convenient and comfortable for participants than a nasal swab.  

We encourage you to enroll your student in this program as soon as possible, but by Wednesday, 2/10 at the latest. It’s free, fast, and convenient, and will help keep your child and our community even safer. If you’d like to see the registration process, here’s a video that goes through each step.

Enroll Today!

Thank you for helping us keep our students, staff, and the broader community safe. If you have any questions or concerns around this preventative testing program, please feel free to reach out to Karla Palacios at or at the school number 303-524-6300.

All the best!

Caroline Gaudiani - G





Dear DSST GVR MS families,

Please join Ms. Caroline Gaudiani in the DSST GVR MS Town Hall “Return to school on February 1st 2021” for families who choose In person or Hybrid, the first  session February 20th was recorded and its available in our website HERE, OWL camera learning video HERE , the second session will be today, here is the information:


Town Hall Return to school (#2)




720 902 7700
Meeting ID: --
149 127 3928
Participant ID - Not needed, just stay on the line.


  • Uniforms
  • School supplies
  • Schedule
  • DPS transportation
  • Safety protocol to enter building
  • Lunch
  • Arrival and dismissal
  • Weather

Thank you



Dear DSST GVR MS families,

Please join Ms. Caroline Gaudiani in the DSST GVR MS Town Hall “Return to school on February 1st 2021” for families who choose In person or Hybrid, both session will be record and post in our website

Here is the information:

Town Hall Return to school (#1)

  • When: Wednesday, January 20th 2021
  • Time: 4 pm to 5 pm
  • Recording HERE
  • Power point presentation HERE


Town Hall Return to school (#2)




720 902 7700
Meeting ID: --
149 127 3928
Participant ID - Not needed, just stay on the line.



Thank you



The DPS SchoolChoice window is now open! Families can submit the online SchoolChoice applications until February 16. Click here to learn more.