DSST at Top of PARCC Results

Today the Colorado Department of Education released results from the Colorado standardized test (PARCC) from 2014-15.  We are excited that under this much more rigorous test, our schools remain some of the highest performing in the city:

All of DSST’s high schools (DSST: Cole, DSST: GVR and DSST: Stapleton) rank in the top four out of 45 DPS high schools for English and math.



DSST’s high school proficiency rate for math is almost four times the DPS’ average and over two times the District’s English average. (Figure 1 below).


Our high schools are creating a reverse achievement gap with the district where our students who receive free and reduced price lunch (FRL) have higher proficiency rates than DPS’ non-FRL students. (Figure 2 below). 


All DSST middle schools have a greater proficiency rate than the DPS average—three middle schools, DSST: Byers, DSST: Stapleton and DSST: Conservatory Green are the top eleven in Math and the top twelve for English of all 64 DPS middle schools.

What do these results mean?

  • We are helping more and more students get an academic foundation which will enable them to make professional choices in their lives when they leave us – choosing how they want to contribute to great fabric of the human story.   
  • These results embody our commitment to equity and point to our core belief in the amazing potential of EVERY student.
  • This data further reinforces the effectiveness of our 6-12 program.  By high school, our students are well-prepared academically for college and beyond -  something our 100 % college acceptance and low college remediation rates have consistently demonstrated
  • The data reveals that we still have work to do to get all of our students to college ready.  We continue to have huge opportunities to strengthen our work with students learning a second language, with students with special needs, and with students who come to us way below grade level.  With the belief that all students can be four year college ready, we must continue to dig in to ensure every student gets to the proficiency bar. 

I continue to get lots of questions about PARCC and what I think about the new assessments.  In short, I embrace the higher standards and the opportunity for all of our schools and students to continue to improve.  Only if we enact higher standards in K-12 education, as assessed in PARCC, will our college remediation and completion rates improve at DSST, in Colorado and nationally.

I want to thank our DSST community: our team and our families. Your commitment to our schools is what makes results like this possible and encourages all students to reach their greatest potential.



Bill Kurtz, CEO

DSST Public Schools