E-School Updates

 Update from the Director  


Dear Members of the Montview Community,

I hope this letter finds you well at the end of our first week of May.  This week began with some very sad news as we learned that Joe Crist, a Junior here at DSST: MTV, had passed away unexpectedly this past weekend.  This loss has shaken our community, as Joe was known and loved by so many in and outside of our school.  This loss also has brought out some of the best parts of our community: students, families and staff have been reaching out to find ways to support the Crist family and honor Joe, and the outpouring of love and support have been powerful.  As hard as this tragic loss is for the Crist family, they are very grateful for the outreach and love in this incredibly difficult time.  We share our deepest condolences with Kelly and Joseph Crist and their entire family.


2020-21 Course Preference Survey: 

Today your students were sent a link to a survey that allows them to preference their courses for next year:

  • For rising sophomores, this includes electives and AP Chemistry
  • For rising juniors, this includes AP Biology and AP US History 
  • For rising seniors, this includes electives and science courses

It is very important that you and your student read and complete the survey carefully, as students will not be able to make changes to their course preferences after the school year begins. 

The survey also asks students to indicate which type of advisory they would prefer: same gender, mixed gender, or no preference. Students who choose “no preference” will be placed wherever there is space after the other students have been placed.

If you or your student have any questions about the survey, please contact your student’s advisor. 

The course preference survey is due by the end of the day Friday, May 14.

Surveys submitted on time will take priority over those submitted late when determining elective placement.


E-School Update:

Our work in e-school continues, and many students continue to work hard to bring up their grades with strong daily participation.  As a reminder, if a student entered trimester 3 with a failing average in a course, they can still fail that course for the year.  A student who receives a failing grade will not earn credits for that class and will need to attend summer school and could be at risk of retention in the same grade level next Fall.  It is important to remain engaged daily with your student, their teachers and advisor, and to ensure you are reading communications sent by the school to understand the path towards passing classes.

Please note that students will not receive any new instructional modules after May 22nd but will continue to check in with their advisor, complete unfinished work including remediation if necessary, and take part in other end of the culture year activities through June 2nd.  We will share an updated schedule with students early next week. 


Looking Ahead:

There are many uncertainties about what the next phase of school looks like in the Fall, and we do not have any answers to the many questions out there.  To note, while DPS has released some initial thinking about a “hybrid” model, it is NOT final and subject to change over the month(s) to come.  Of course, as more information becomes available, we will share that with our families as quickly as we can.  We ask for your continued support of ensuring your students remain engaged daily and stay connected to our community. 

With that said, we want to ensure we have input on what is and is not working as well with e-school and ask that you take a few minutes to complete THE PARENT SURVEY BY CLICKING HERE.


Class of 2020:

Lastly, May 8 marks the last day of classes for most Seniors, with exception of AP courses and students needing a bit more work to get across the finish line.  CONGRATULATIONS to our Seniors of the Class of 2020 and thank you for all that you have done for our school community!  We look forward to celebrating with you (in different ways) over the final month of the school year.


I hope you all have a good weekend and take good care,


Josh Hugo, Acting School Director MTV: High School




Week Three Update from the Director


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week we have begun conversations with students about our grading policy and wanted to make sure our families are fully aware of this policy, as well. E-School is an unprecedented time for schools.  As we navigate E-School, we will be prioritizing your students’ engagement and completion of assignments when determining their grades.  As such, 80% of your student’s trimester 3 grade will be determined by completion and 20% will be determined by demonstration of mastery of the content.  

Year-long courses and trimester long courses will receive letter grades this year.  The determination of the final grade in year-long courses will be largely determined by the first two trimesters.  That being said, demonstrating excellence during E-School can improve your student’s overall average in the course.  

Advisors and teachers are working to message with students individually about their T1/T2 grade average entering this trimester and helping them to plan the course of action that will most increase their GPA, and in some cases, increase their chances of passing the course for the year.  Letters will be sent via email/Flyer over the next several days outlining more of this in detail.  

Remaining engaged and learning over the next six weeks will be important for many reasons: the chance to boost a student’s GPA in a heavily effort-based trimester, the chance to be better prepared for the next grade level content in the Fall, putting one’s best foot forward with effort and engagement in relation to letters of recommendation, and staying sharp (avoiding “brain drain!”) are just some of the benefits of continued engagement.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s advisor for support.  Also, please take a few moments to complete the SURVEY LINKED HERE, which opens at 5 pm on Thursday. We appreciate your feedback and support.


With gratitude,


Josh Hugo, Acting Director DSST: Montview High School




Week Two Update from the Director


Greetings Families,

We are now nearly two weeks into e-school and we are seeing over 93% of our students engage in online learning daily!  100% of students have participated in e-school since the rollout just last week.  That is fantastic and we so appreciate the collective effort it takes to make this happen from families, educators and students.

Right now, students across the country are facing circumstances that are incredibly challenging for myriad reasons.  In many places, students are being afforded limited option to continue their education—and in some cases no options—and the implications are immense.  Continuing to receive a strong education when so many students, unfortunately, are not will be an incredible asset to your student’s long-term academic future.  

As an educator at DSST for over a decade, I knew as soon as the decision was made to move to remote learning that the DSST Network was going to be “all in.”  There was no question that we would do everything we could to provide amazing educational opportunities to ALL students; access to ALL students; and support and connection to ALL students.  We are doing this because we believe in all of our students and we will continue to promote, encourage and follow up with all students to engage daily in learning.  

Next week, we will begin to make attendance phone calls in the morning if your student did not sign on and take the daily wellness check by 9:30 am.  We are doing this out of care, concern, and a deep belief in your student to fully engage with our e-learning.  We hold sacred the promise of relentlessly pursuing our mission that we gave your students and you when you chose to send your students to our school.

Please take 5 minutes to share your feedback, as well, in our weekly family survey.  This is truly helping us respond to concerns, build off what is going well and ultimately get better.  PLEASE CLICK HERE AND TAKE THE SURVEY!

I hope you are all healthy and staying well.  We are in this together.

In solidarity,


Josh Hugo, Acting Director Montview High School



Week One Update from the Director


Good Afternoon Montview High School Families,

I wanted to say thank you for all of the work you have done as families this week to support your children—our students—with the work of getting remote learning started.  Now, more than ever, the clear bond between school and families is apparent in support of our children.  Our school has consistently logged well over 85-90% daily engagement, and have 100% of our students with access to technology and 99.9% with access to internet (and we’re working on that last one!)

It has been so great to reconnect with our students this week.  This has been a long, trying month for all of us and returning to some normalcy, even if remotely, has brought up the spirits of our staff and hopefully, our students.  Based on the spirited commentary in some of our chats, they’re really excited to connect with their classmates once again!

And, in that vein, we are working tirelessly as teachers to make adjustments, train our students in the appropriate protocols and etiquettes, and modify and adjust our lessons to meet the needs of our students.  We are meeting numerous times over the week as teachers, planners, administrators, and staff to collect data, revise, adjust and make better each day.  While the learning curve is steep for all of us, I am confident our learning space will only get better each day. 

In the spirit of collecting data, please take 3-5 minutes to share your experiences, thoughts, questions and feelings in our weekly survey FOUND BY CLICKING HERE. This data will be analyzed—quickly—and we will make adjustments based on your feedback. 


Lastly, please use THIS LINK HERE to access the links to your student’s classes next week. 

Thank you again for your partnership and support and do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s advisor with any questions.



Josh Hugo, Acting School Director