IMPORTANT: 12-15 Vaccine Information

As you may be aware, everyone in Colorado who is 12 years of age and older is now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. In DPS we have about 27,000 students who are ages 12 to 15 years old and are newly eligible. We are happy to share that to date, more than 40% of 16- and 17-year-olds in Denver have already received at least one dose of COVID vaccine. Every student and family member that gets their vaccine brings us one step closer to a 2021-22 school year that is much safer and less restrictive!

I am excited to let you know that DPS’ health care partners would like to support our students in accessing the COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible, for those who would like to get one. 

Please note, students are not required to get the vaccine, because we know this is an individual and personal choice. However, we encourage all in our school communities to receive the vaccine when they are able in order to increase our collective health and safety. We’ve created this webpage for students and their families with all the information they need regarding student vaccinations. 

To support students in accessing a COVID-19 vaccine, DPS’ health care partners have multiple ways to support DPS students and their families in signing up for a vaccine appointments:

Denver Health

Denver Health is our longtime health care partner and serves thousands of DPS students every year through our School Based Health Centers. They are able to offer vaccination appointments to all eligible DPS students and their families through their many clinic locations throughout the city. The following vaccination events have also been confirmed for DPS students and their families (available to all eligible DPS students and their families):



Vaccination Event dates

South High School

1700 E Louisiana Ave, Denver, CO 80210

  • Saturday, May 15

Manual High School

1700 E 28th Ave, Denver, CO 80205

  • Sunday, May 16

North High School

2960 North Speer Blvd.

Denver, CO 80211

  • Saturday, May 22

East High School

1600 City Park Esplanade, Denver, CO 80206

  • Sunday, May 23

Evie Dennis Campus

4800 Telluride St, Denver, CO 80249

  • Tuesday, June 1
  • Tuesday, June 8
  • Tuesday, June 22
  • Tuesday, June 29

Abraham Lincoln HS

Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219

  • Wednesday, June 2
  • Wednesday, June 23


Eligible students and family members can sign up one of two ways:

  • Call the Denver Health Hotline  303-436-7000
  • Call our School: 303-524-6300
  • Sign up via their online portal.
  • Students under the age of 18 should select a Pfizer appointment, as that is currently the only type of vaccine safe for them to receive. 
  • We encourage 12-17 year olds to come in with a parent or guardian. If parent or guardian is unable to be present Denver Health staff can obtain verbal consent prior to or on the day of the appointment.

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado is one of the country’s premier health care providers and a key partner providing the COVID-19 vaccine to DPS educators. They are a Pfizer-only vaccine clinic and are able to provide vaccine appointments for both eligible DPS students and their family members. Here is how students and family members can sign up:

  • Sign up using the web portal.: This will enable Children’s Colorado to contact you to schedule your appointment. 
  • Make your appointment: The web portal will automatically invite you to make your first vaccine appointment as slots become available. 
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado patients who are already in Children’s Colorado’s MyChart system will receive a MyChart message to schedule through the Web Portal. Community members who aren't on MyChart will get a text message to sign up for a vaccine through the web portal.
  • Invitations  expire after 72 hours. Registered individual who do not schedule their appointment within 72 hours of receiving an invitation will need to re-register using the web portal.
  • Follow up. Once you receive your first dose, the system will automatically schedule your appointment for the second dose. The second appointment will be at the same time 21 days later. (This is based on the timeframes outlined in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization.) 
  • Age Requirement. The participating individual must be 12 years or older on the day of sign up using the web portal.

Children’s Hospital Colorado requires that all individuals under the age of 18 receiving a vaccine during Phase 2 have exactly one parent or legally authorized guardian present with them to sign a physical consent form at both the first and second dose appointments. Full instructions for navigating the Children’s Colorado process can be found here. Patients and families with questions about receiving the vaccine at Children’s Colorado can review these FAQs for patient families. Questions regarding scheduling a COVID vaccine appointment can call the Children’s Colorado COVID vaccine hotline at 720-777-8889. 

Other Important Information 

  • The vaccine is free to everyone, although individuals may be asked to provide personal health insurance when setting up their appointment. Health insurance is not required to receive the vaccine. 
  • Students should reach out to their personal health care providers with any questions about the vaccine. 

Alternatively, students can call our School Based Health Centers at 303-602-8958 to learn more about the vaccine and whether receiving the vaccine is right for them.