Back to school Night 10/01/20

Hello DSS Parent and guardians

Thank you for coming to our Back to School Night and asking great questions. Here are the answers to all of the answers to all of the questions you submitted. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more information, and we hope to see you at one of our town halls on Monday.

All the best,

Ms. Caroline Gaudiani



are we wearing uniform this year i we go back

We are asking that during in-person time students wear a spirit wear top or a purple polo, and that is mostly so that campus staff know which school students belong to if they need to talk to them. There will be guidance for what kids wear on the bottom, but no actual uniform.

Will there still be an option to keep my child in virtual school until I feel its safe for a return, or is there a cut off time?

Yes! You can choose to continue virtual school (E-School) just like it is right now. We are asking that you select your choice by next Wednesday because we need to know numbers for final planning. If you choose virtual, you will need to stay virtual through Tri 1, but then will get another chance to choose hybrid for the 2nd trimester.

When are they going back to school

Hybrid program will begin 10/26

what are we going to do exactly on fridays?

Fridays will likely be a mix of advisory time and asynchronous work that students can do on their own timing.

Once we make our choice for either Hybrid option or to continue with full remote will we have to continue with our choice for a certain period of time (if yes, how long?) or would we be able to switch to another option based on health metrics and our comfort level?

If you choose in-person, you can ALWAYS move back to online.

If you choose online, you MUST STAY online through Trimester 1, and then you can choose again.

If we signed up for 100% E-school til End of December, does the in person in October apply to us?

Yes! That was actually a DPS survey. You can take our survey and re-choose.

how many students are going to be in the same class room.

At most 17 students.

Will there be updates on how school is going as far as safety and control of things once in person starts?

Absolutely! We will update all of you every week in our newsletter, and notify families immediately if there has been an exposure concern.

What does hybrid mean?

It means you trade-off weeks going in person and doing school online.

are wendays still going to have the same schedule

No, they will now be 8:15 - 2:45

I know you said this is very new information, so is there any place that we can go to learn about what an in-person learning day would look like for her, i.e. cohort sizes, her schedule, would she stay in one classroom or transition to other rooms etc...

We will be posting information on our site, and continuing to send out communications through Flyer that update you on our planning. We will also have a pre-start town hall.

are the students eating lunch in the class or the lunch room.

They will pick up lunch and bring it to their classroom.

Will my child still have the all the tools she would have like in person such as CP, tutoring ect.

There is no CP or any after school activity for ANY student in-person. So all children will have equal access to virtual/online tutoring when it's offered.

will they have lunch?


if more people choose for example real school do all people have to do the same or is it what we choose is the thing what we are going to do for the whole year?

Right now you are choosing for Trimester 1, but if you choose in-person, you can move to online at any time.

Are you using the same health metrics and quarantine protocols as DPS? If not where can I view those for DSST?

Yes - with additional ones as well. You can look at our health metrics here:

what are the safety norms.

We have MANY norms, and we will share our field guide with parents in the weeks before school starts. The most basic are that everyone wears a mask, everyone is health screened at the door each day, and everyone stays socially distanced in all spaces of the school. Students and adults are cohorted, and there are hand sanitizing stations at every classroom door. We have installed hospital grade ventilators.

As of right now I am not yet comfortable having my daughter in school we are a high risk family and I would like to see how things play out over the next few weeks. I am hoping we have better control in the state overall and that our schools are kept safe and have prepped for how they would handle a potential outbreak and have control on keeping our students safe.

I totally understand! You will have a chance at the end of Trimester 1 to re-evaluate your feelings about online.

Thank youWe would like to invite your family to Virtual Back to school Night 2020. This night, your family will be able to meet your student teachers and advisors, learn about the day and routines, also, we will have workshops for parents with interesting subjects, please click HERE for instructions on how to connect to meetings

  • When: Thursday, October 1st 2020
  • Time: 5:30 to 7:00 pm
  • Where: Teams

Submit questions for Caroline Gaudiani School Director Here

Once you have open teams either in your student computer or in your preferred device, follow the links:

(5:30 to 5:45) Whole School Introduction with Caroline Gaudiani School Director Whole School Intro Session

(5:45 to 6:10) Grade Level Sessions 

  • 6th Grade 
  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade 

(6:10 to 6:30) Advisor Sessions
6th Grade

  • Cordova Advisory
  • Csongei Advisory 
  • Dupart Advisory 
  • Gibson Advisory 
  • Greenwald Advisory
  • Jennejahn Advisory
  • Martin Advisory
  • Scott Advisory
  • J. Taylor Advisory 
7th Grade
  • Broaddus Advisory 
  • Castro Advisory 
  • Dvorak Advisory
  • Frank Advisory 
  • Hobbs Advisory
  • Nava Advisory
  • O’Hare Advisory 
  • Shabazz Link: 
  • Ortiz Advisory
  • R. Taylor Advisory
  • Whitehead Advisory 

8th Grade

  • Bolden Advisory 
  • Daniel/Scadden Advisory
  • Fernandez Advisory 
  • Martinez Advisory
  • McConnell Advisory 
  • Ottoway Advisory
  • Perio Advisory
  • Sandbloom Advisory 
  • Tran Advisory
  • Thompson Advisory 
(6:30 to 7:00) Optional Sessions
  • How to support your students with technology 
  • How to read progress reports
  • How to support your students with classwork  
  • Support with Title I and FRL 


We hope to see you at Back to School Night.

If you have any questions, please call 303-524-6300 extension 8023104.

Thank you