A Letter From Our School Director

Dear Parents and Students,

My name is Travonda Favorite and I am excited to introduce myself as the 2021-2022 Founding School Director of DSST: Elevate Northeast High School (companion school to DSST Middle School @ Noel Campus). I am excited for the opportunity to potentially work with you at our newest high school campus this upcoming fall of 2021. You will be joining an elite group of incoming freshmen who were founding members of our DSST Noel campus

Continuing a Legacy

We are grateful to be building off a strong foundation of academic excellence at our DSST middle and high schools. According to the most recent School Performance Framework (SPF), DSST runs 6 of the top 10 middle schools and 6 of the top 10 high schools in Denver. All of our middle school students are guaranteed a spot in our high schools, all of which are in the top 4 in Denver for average SAT scores and 100% of DSST graduates have been admitted to a 4-year college since our first year in operation! As the founding dean of our DSST @ Noel Middle School campus (currently the #1 ranked school in Denver), I am committed to continuing the hard work and dedication it takes to be a top performing school in the Far Northeast community.

Our Programs & Offerings

As a student at DSST: Elevate Northeast, you can expect to receive a world class education through rigorous academic core classes, a focus on both STEM and the liberal arts, and opportunities to become the best version of yourself within a close knit community of friends and supportive teachers. Our students will be exposed to a college going culture of excellence by learning and preparing for college matriculation and success through annual college campus visits, research projects based upon the college going process and college prep curriculum. You will be exposed to STEM courses such as computer science (coding) to develop the 21st century skills required for ALL successful college majors.

Each of our students will engage daily with technology and will be assigned a touch screen laptop to use in school and at home for their coursework. We complement our rigorous academic program with great social and extracurricular experiences including a full array of sports and clubs!

Founding Class Privileges

By joining the DSST: Elevate Northeast High School family, you will have the opportunity to be a part of a founding class of graduates! This unique experience will include creating a legacy for future grades as we continue to build out our school (9th-12th) through new traditions, clubs, programs, and even the design of our physical spaces.

Connect & Learn More

Due to current restrictions, our open house and tour events are virtual! However, the good news is that they are available to you at any time by signing up to watch them at your leisure! We are also hosting several live virtual open houses as well as participating in live school expos with our other DSST campuses and local district schools. At these events, you and your family will have a chance to learn more about our program and school. We will answer any questions you have to inform your high school choice. Below are the dates of important upcoming events:

  • Wednesday, January 13 from 5pm-6pm (Virtual Open House)
  • Wednesday, January 20th from 6:45-7:45pm (DSST Public Schools Virtual Recruitment Fair)
  • Thursday, January 28th from 5:30-7:00pm (Denver Families for Public Schools Virtual Enrollment Fair)

I hope to see you there (virtually) and that you to join our founding high school class at DSST: Elevate Northeast! For more details or to sign up for a school tour visit our website: https://www.dsstpublicschools.org/dsst-elevate-northeast-high-school.


Best Wishes,

Travonda Favorite, Founding School Director- DSST: Elevate Northeast High School

Travonda.favorite@scienceandtech.org (303) 524-6355