Staff Contact Information

If you need to contact any of our wonderful staff - you can find their e-mail address here!

 Your Hornet’s advisor is your main point of contact.


First Name Last Name Title Grade Email Extension
Natalie  Lewis School Director Admin  
Jennifer Trainer Associate School Director Admin  
Christopher Earls Dean of Students 6  
Sarah  Frederick Dean of Students 7 & 8  
Joanna Leeds Director of Curriculum & Instruction All Grades  
Jennifer Rivera Director of Special Services All Grades  
Estephania Astudillo Front Office Manager Admin  
Sofia  Huston Front Office Assistant Admin  
Dorina Saldoval School Social Worker All Grades  
Terence  Adams Special Education Teacher 6  
Dave Balestrini Music All Grades  
Sarah Brace Special Education Teacher 7th & 8Th  
Katherine Boye Science 6  
David Carpenter Math 7th Grade  
Heather  Charlton Special Education Teacher 6  
Thomas  Cahill Paraprofessional All Grades  
Isabella Damiani Science Apprentice Teacher 6  
Khayla  Doublin English 8  
Jonathan Downing Math Honors 8  
Samantha Schwager-Dowining Math 8  
Melissa  Grimes Center Program Paraprofessional All Grades  
April  Holder Science 7  
Marissa Kast English 7  
Jessica Kellem Center Program Lead All Grades  
Shae King Reading 8  
Gabriel Kwong Technical Support Coordinator All Grades  
Laura Mandler Social Studies 7  
Zoe Osherow English 7  
Kazhal Qadir Center Program Paraprofessional All Grades  
Amer Randell Social Studies 8  
Vanessa Renz Math 6  
Daniel Schneider Physical Education All Grades  
Selena Schwarz ELD  7  
Michael Vess Center Program Special Education All Grades  
Camilla Waldeck-Young English 7 & 8  
Sydney Winkle Art All Grades  
Jessica  Yang English 8th  
Bertha  Prieto Center Program Support Specialist All Grades