Athletics Overview





DSST: Conservatory Green is proud to offer athletics options in our school with plans to grow out our program to include more options in future years. We are committed to developing an athletic program that supports the holistic development of our students, fostering physical, mental, and emotional health through a balance of athletics and academics. 

The athletic program emphasizes high-level skill and strategies, teamwork, good sportsmanship, school spirit, character building, and fun. The goal is to provide each student with a sense of affiliation, motivation, and accomplishment by balancing a challenging experience with support and encouragement. The athletic program is an integral part of DSST's curriculum and emphasizes living the school's Core Values.

Sports for this year:

  • Boy's Soccer
  • Girl's Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Boy's Basketball
  • Girl's Basketball
  • Girl's Soccer
  • Flag Football

If you have any questions about our athletic program, please contact our Athleric Director, Mike Perez via E-mail at: