Student Activities

Pathways Electives

Elective "Pathways":  “Electives Pathways” program to enhance the enrichment portion of our curriculum with true depth for an electives choice.  In addition to the three day a week choice elective program we offer for students, we have added an “Elective Pathway” program so students can go in-depth in one of three distinct fields chosen by students and families. 

  • Computer Science - Creating applications in a variety of coding languages
  • Performing Arts (Theater) - Including individual and ensemble performance with a major showcase three times per year  
  • Visual Arts - Mixed media including fabrication, graphic design, drawing and painting

Students can choose from Performing Arts / Theater, Computer Science, or Visual Arts / Graphic Design for their pathway elective.  After selecting pathways electives in 9th and 10th grade, students in Senior Academy (11th & 12 Grade), student will be asked to decide on a “Pathway” so they can ascend to intermediate, advanced, and/or AP courses in that elective.  We are so excited about this additional opportunity for student choice in course selection, as well as the opportunity to become more well rounded students on their path to college.  

Choice Electives

Electives:  We offer at over 15 this year and over 15 next year in electives choices ranging from Art, Guitar, Music, Drum Line, Digital Photography, Robotics, Coding, Team Sports, Student Council, Dance, Yoga, Entrepreneurship, PE, Computer Science, Theater, and more!

Student Clubs

Extracurricular Activities: 

Speech & Debate

Improv Club

Music Club

Pep Band

Board Games Club


Dungeons and Dragons Club

Animation Club

Film Club


Culture Club

Honor Societies

And more being founded every day!  Students just need one staff sponsor to start an after school club and all clubs were founded by students at CGHS!