Science and Tech Parents (STP)/ Parent Advocacy Team (PAT)

Welcome to DSST: Conservatory Green High School Science and Tech Parents (STP)!  All parents and guardians of CGHS students are members of STP; there is no membership fee. STP focuses on helping parents utilize their talents, energy and resources to support DSST: CG’s efforts to provide every child with an outstanding education.

To learn more about STP, please join us for upcoming meetings!  Or e-mail for information on how to join our parent group: Science and Tech Parents. 

Our schedule of meetings is coming soon...



DSST-CGHS Our Parent Advocacy Team (PAT) 

DSST Public Schools cannot provide the world class education that every child in Denver deserves without partnering with our parents and working together as a community to support and improve our schools.  Our Parent Advocacy Team (PAT) is working to train parents in community organizing, education policy and leadership development in order to support our schools and our network and ensure high quality education for all children. If you have any questions please contact Natalene Espinoza at 720-546-6735.