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School Contact Information

DSST-CGHS building hours of operation during pandemic are  Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. If you need to pick up materials for your student or drop off materials, birth certificate, immunizations, it will be by appointment only. Please contact Ms. Cedillo at 303-802-4127 ext. 4 to arrange a pick up /or drop off time. 

Thank you.

School Phone Number:  (303) 802-4127

School Fax Number: (303) 524-6310

Location: 5590 Central Park Blvd Building 4, Denver, CO 80238 

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Staff Contact

Use the contact information below to contact the founding staff at DSST: Conservatory Green High School.  Our main office line is (303) 802-4127, please leave a message when you call and we will return the call within 24 hours.  Regular office hours will start this summer when we are fully operational!

Staff Role Email Phone
Victor Aviles AP Spanish Teacher 303-802-4127
Kevin Berstler Introduction to Music/Music Production/Spanish 2 303-802-4127
Natalie Bess AP Language and Composition 303-802-4127
Jonathan Caravello  Intro to Visual Arts Teacher 303-802-4127
 Patrick McCarty 10th grade World History Teacher  Patrick.McCarty 303-802-4127
Molly Cleary 9th grade Special Education Teacher   Molly 303-802-4127
 Micaya Miller Humanities Teacher 303-802-4127
Francisco Flores EPH1 & 2  Teacher 303-802-4127
Kyle Gordon Science apprentice Teacher 303-802-4127
Elias Heard 9th grade Physics Teacher 303-802-4127
Alex Hippenhammer Composition Teacher 303-802-4127
Rosanna Horton  Composition Teacher 303-802-4127
Katherine Johnson  MIS Center Lead Teacher 303-802-4127
Meriwether Joyner World Lit Teacher 303-802-4127
Elijah Kane 11th grade AP US History Teacher 303-802-4127
 Jaelen Hysaw 11th grade Biology Teacher 303-802-4127
Andrew Kretz Physical Education Teacher 303-802-4127
Jacob Lueders 11th grade Special Education Teacher/Coordinator 303-802-4127
Blaire Rodriguez AT (Science) 303-802-4127
Alexandra Medrano ELD Coordinator and Instructor 303-802-4127
Adrian Parker  10th grade Chemistry Teacher 303-802-4127
Reese Quinn World Literature Teacher 303-802-4127
 Jean Han 10th grade Math Teacher 303-802-4127
Elisa Rodriguez MIS Center Program Professional  303-802-4127
 Art curtis AP Government/Senior Projects 303-802-4127
Lacey Ruskin Intro to Performing Arts 303-802-4127
Nicole Ryks Spanish 3/EPH2 Teacher 303-802-4127
Sarah Seaman CalcAB, Algebra 2H, Math 1 Support, Math Department Chair  303-802-4127
Amanda Somsky Math 2H/ Alegbra 2H 303-802-4127
Brittany Stephens  9th grade Math Teacher 303-802-4127
Marguerite Stevens Spanish 1 Teacher 303-802-4127

Kyla Taylo

AP Biology/BioChemistry
Rae Temple Intro to Engineering/ Computer Science Teacher 303-802-4127
Maggie Hartman AT (Math) 303-802-4127
Corey Werner  Pre Calc Honors/ Art 303-802-4127
Nicholas Wilsey Engineering 303-802-4127
Adeel Khan  School Director 303-802-4127

Maria Cedillo

Senior Office Manager 303.802-4127
Meghan Janci Assistant School Director 303-802-4127
Mike Perez Athletic Director 303-802-4127
Chrissy Frona Schultz Dean of Students, Senior Academy 303-802-4127
Nathaniel Reaven  Dean of Students, Prep Academy  303-802-4127
Karla Alanismunoz Center Program Paraprofessional 303-802-4127