Dress Code

To purchase student uniforms please visit this website: https://wolvesuniforms.com/college_view_uniforms


We have updated our dress code for this year. Please read about it here. When students earn a dress down day, they may wear casual clothing. You can read about the dress down day expectations here.

If you have questions about buying a uniform for your student, please contact the front desk. They can help you out!

The purpose of the DSST Public Schools dress code is to create a professional, safe, and respectful community where students can place their sole focus on learning. The dress code is in effect from the time students enter the building until they exit at the end of the school day. 


  • Students must wear a DSST: College View MS top. This includes t-shirts, collared shirts, hoodies, and crew necks

  • Uniform Shirts must be tucked into pants.

  • DSST: College View MS uniform sweatshirts may be worn over, a collared shirt. 

  • Outside jackets and sweatshirts with hoods must be taken off at the beginning of the day, upon entering morning advisory, and put away in the student’s locker.

  • Non-DSST Tee shirts, halter tops, or tank tops, or shirts resembling or similar to t-shirts and tank tops are not acceptable, and may not be worn over collared shirts.


  • All students will wear khaki, black, grey dress bottoms.

  • Boys must wear long pants. Pants cannot be excessively baggy or worn low. Belts are encouraged, but not required. Cargo pockets are permitted.

  • Girls may wear long pants (mid-calf or longer), or skirts with the hem or slit no shorter than 1 inch above the knee – this includes uneven edged skirts. Girls are permitted to wear tights or leggings under their skirts if they are brown, black, white, or navy blue and at least mid-calf. Belts are encouraged, but not required.

  • Jeans and other denim material of any kind including skirts and pants are not acceptable. This includes khaki or black colored denim.

  • Excessively baggy pants, leggings (worn as pants), athletic wear, and sweat pants are not acceptable.

  • Shorts are not permitted even on dress down days.


  • Students can wear any color closed-toed dress shoes or boots to school. 

  • Shoes need to be sturdy and safe for lab participation.

  • No sandals, open toed shoes, sneakers, shoes resembling athletic shoes (including black athletic shoes and Vans), skater shoes, slippers or slipper like shoes, CROCS, excessively high heels or platforms (higher than 1 ½ inches) shoes are permitted.


  • Students must wear the DSST: College View Gym T-shirt uniform • Students must wear athletic shorts (knee length) or athletic pants.

  • Students must wear tennis shoes and socks. 

  • Students who are out of dress code for PE will be assigned a College Prep and may not be able to participate in the day’s activities


  • Visible tattoos, and/or writing on self or clothing are not permitted • Small earrings (1” or less) are acceptable, but other visible piercings (facial, tongue, etc.) are not permitted.

  • Hats, hoods, bandanas, do-rags, and sunglasses are not allowed to be worn in school.

  • Clothing, jewelry, or appearances that are determined to be distractive to the learning environment will not be permitted.


THE FACULTY AND STAFF OF DSST RESERVE THE SOLE RIGHT TO INTERPRET AND ENFORCE THE STUDENT DRESS CODE. Students who violate the dress code will receive a consequence and will be required to take off the item and/or change into and wear a school “uniform” for the day (A phone call home for appropriate clothing to be brought to school for the student, or the student being sent home for failure to comply is solely determined by the DSST Administration.)