Staff Contact Information

Administrative Team

Name Position Email
Rebecca Bloch Campus Director
Kelsey Moore Associate School Director - Culture
Graham Wynings Associate School Director - Instruction
Linnea Rudeen Director of Campus Operations
Misha Hudak Director of Special Services
Zachary Kennelly 6th Grade Dean
Chris Carter 7th Grade Dean
Kiersten Ellefsen 8th Grade Dean
Victoria Cruz 8th Grade Co-Dean
Sevve Stember DCI
Meg LaFarge DCI
Karina Rodriguez Front Office Manager
Blanca Gonzalez Front Office Assistant 
Derrik McFadden Technical Support Coordinator
DeEdra Dangerfield Athletic Director


 6th Grade Teachers

Name Position Email
Tim Nelson English
Jasa Rosseau English
Adelin Burgos Math
Dylan Jensen Math
Dean Jeriorkowski Social Studies
Ryan Witt Science
Kathryn Romelczyk ELD
Maria Gordon STEM


7th Grade Teachers

Name Position Email
Danika Conolly English
Wade Cole English
Altricia Wilson Math
Derek Lange Math
Dane Hyman Social Studies
Emily Burkhardt Science Teacher


8th Grade Teachers

Name Position Email
Chrissy Pantoja English chrissy.pantoja@scienceandtech.or
Eliot Sill English
Shea Young  Math
Isabel Chaltas Math
Shae King Social Studies
Vince Maeda Science


SPED and Mental Health Team

Name Position Email
Jessica Bride SPED 6th and 7th Grade
Paige Adams
SPED 6th and 7th Grade
Candyce Miller SPED 8th Grade
Alex Wirth
Social Worker
Megan Casimir
Social Worker


Electives Team

Name Position Email
Blake Stepan Performing Arts
Kurt Ogbewele Physical Education
Andre Felix Physical Education