Athletics Overview


DSST provides a program that fosters participation and enjoyment of interscholastic team competition, as well as non-competitive fitness activities. The athletic program emphasizes high level skill and strategies, teamwork, good sportsmanship, school spirit, character building and fun. The goal is to provide each student with a sense of affiliation, motivation, and accomplishment by balancing a challenging experience with support and encouragement. The athletic program is an integral part of DSST's curriculum and emphasizes living the school's Core Values. 

A parent/guardian can register for Fall Sports by clicking on this link:

Documents Required for Participation

1. Current Physical Examination

2.  Attend a mandatory Athletic Meeting before each sport season for all Student Athletes and Parents

3. Pay the Play, Athletic Fee of $30.00 each sport- Parents pay the Pay to Play Athletic Fee during registration. (The Pay to Play Athletic fee must be paid before the first contest)

4. The 2021-2022 Athletic Registration is on the Family ID website.  Click here for registration information.

Coach Contact Information 


Director of Athletics at Cole Campus: De’ Edra Dangerfield – 720 364 1540

Assistant High School and  Middle School Athletic Director: Andre Felix β€“ 225-588-4925


Boys Soccer

Grace Kim 258-250-4453
Katie Romelcyzk 401-243-4148
Hannah Pfotenhauer    480-495-3382
Bryan McCray 303-564-5984

Cross Country

Patty Atkinson (781) 296 -7665

Boys Basketball & Flag Football

Dane Hyman 720-938-3434 

Girls Basketball 

Jeff Tuffell 720-434-6690

Girls Soccer 

Grace Kim 258-250-4453
Katie Romelcyzk 401-243-4148
Hannah Pfotenhauer    480-495-3382

Physical Forms and Resources

Parents must fill out the forms below in order for their student to participate in sports. Please print and return, or stop by the Front Office to pick up a form.

Los padres de familia deben completar las formas debajo para que su estudiante pueda participar en deports. Por favor imprima y regrese las formas que se encuentran debajo, o pase a la oficina de la escuela a levantar una forma si necesita.

Physical Form, Spanish

Physical Form, English

Does your student need to get a physical?

Cole Students can receive a free Sports Physical by having parents complete and sign the Denver Health Form attached or call Denver Health at 720-423-6435 directly. 

Su estudiante necesita un fisico? Usted y su estudiante pueden visitar la clinica en la escuela preparatoria Manual !

Los servicios de salud de Manual estan disponibles para todo estudiante ulsted puede encontrar las formas de consentimiento del padre para tratamiento en linea o en la oficina de la  escuela Cole.  

Manual Health Services are available for all students. You can find the Consent for Treatment Parental Consent form online or at Cole Middle Scool front office.