Staff Contact Information

Leadership Team

Name Position Email
Grant Erwin Campus Director
Ian McIntire School Director in Training
Lauren Abuhadema School Director in Training 
Kelsey Moore Associate School Director
Amanda Palenchar Dean of Students
Eric Hill Dean of Students
Chris Carter Dean of Students
Victoria Cruz Director of Operations
Meg LaFarge Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Niket Patel Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Dustin Hansen Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Harold Sanchez Community Engagement Coordinator


Front Office Team

Lili Chavez Front Office Manager
Blanca Gonzalez Front Office Assistant


 Mental Health

Alex Wirth Social Worker
Sarah Goldstein Social Worker
Megan Casimir Social Worker


College Placement & Internships

Brenda Diaz-Olivas Campus Director of College Success
Sophia Carpiniello Campus Coordinator of College Success
Jasa Rosseau Internship Coordinator



Christian Wigert Tech Manager


Athletic Director

De'Edra Dangerfield Athletic Director


Facilities Manager

Lane Burgess Facilities Manager


Instructional Staff

Name Subject Email
Jessica Glime Music
Elissa Long Math 1
Rebecca Luetjen World Literature
Jessa Forth Composition
Dara Zack Humanities
Laura Rieder ELD
Ellianna Nixon ELD
Morgen Holt Environment Science / AP Psychology
Gabriel Negri Spanish 1 & 2
Derek Lange Math 2 / Alg 2 Honors
Jane Hernandez EPH 2 / AP Spanish
Keith Burgess HS PE
Emily Wagner E-Ship Pathways
Chris Rivas World History
Sadia Aziz Chemistry
Brianna Wyckoff American Lit & AP Lang
Taylor Self Alg 2/ Calc
Tyler Manke Pre Calc / Statistics
Sara Rohrbaugh Bio/ AP Bio
Nelson Dubon US History / AP US History
Jasa Rosseau Senior English
Paul Wright Engineering Pathway
Tyler Roese AP Comp Sci
Hassan Sharp SpEd (10th-12th Math)
Rachel Seto-Templeton SpEd
Chrissy Pantoja SpEd
Megan Schierbeck AN Center Director
James Peiker AN Para
Susan Wolf AN Para 
Amanda Molinar AN Para
Megan Zink Apprentice Teacher
Mark Wasson Apprentice Teacher