Athletics Overview

For time being, we will be following CHSAA guidance, following a modified sport schedule for the 20-21 school year, creating four separate sport seasons. All contact sports have been moved to a later season in the calendar. Please reach out directly to your school with additional questions, and refer to this announcement from CHSAA for more details and a full calendar.  



We are partnered with Manual HS to combine and compete as one team for all CHSAA athletics. The teams and all students will still play under the Manual Thunderbolts name and historic mascot.

This exciting partnership will do many things for our community: 

  • It will allow us to combine for greater numbers which will allow us to field full teams in a broader array of sports and offer multiple levels of new and popular athletic programs.
  • It will create a sense of broader unity and community amongst our neighboring schools. 
  • It will allow us to find the best coaches using the networks and staff of both schools to support the program. 
  • Lastly, it will enable us to fully utilize the facilities at both schools for games and practices.

By maximizing our resources of student-athletes, coaches, community and facilities we can offer a wide variety of vibrant programs that will be some of the best small school programs in the state.

Our AD’s, Doug Clinkscales and DeEdra Dangerfield, from Manual and Cole respectively, will lead this effort for our schools.  They will meet weekly and will communicate around coaches, games and upcoming opportunities.  They will lead communication with coaches and teams so students know which facility is being used for practice.  These two will also work with our parents to form a joint booster club supporting sports in this partnership as well as in the formation of a joint parent committee to help with hiring and setting vision and priorities for the sports collaboration.

We are also forming our joint booster club and parent advisory committee.  Please reach out to Doug and DeEdra if you are interested.

We are extremely excited to innovate and collaborate together in doing something great for the students and families in near Northeast Denver.  We are eager and committed to this partnership working for the good of both schools and look forward to having parents and students get to know each other as we put successful teams, rooted in values, character and academics, back on the field.


Manual High School Athletics & DSST Athletics

2019-20 Team Sports:  Football ▪ Volleyball ▪ Boys/Girls Soccer ▪ Boys/Girls Basketball ▪ Baseball ▪ Track and Field

Athletic Director Manual Douglas Clinkscales (720) 423-6340

Athletic Director Cole DSST DeEdra Dangerfield (303) 524-6354

Requirements to participate in Athletics


Current Physical Examination


Emergency contact and parent permission slip.  Register Online now


Pay the Annual Athletic Fee