Uniform Policy

The purpose of the DSST Public Schools dress code is to create a professional, safe and respectful community where students can place their sole focus on learning. The dress code is in effect from the start of the school day until the end of the school day.


  • Students must wear a DSST: Byers Middle School uniform polo shirt. They may wear a white short sleeved shirt under the polo shirt. In the colder months, students will be allowed to wear a plain long sleeved white shirt underneath their uniform polo shirt.
  • Uniform Shirts must be tucked into pants.
  • DSST: Byers Middle School uniform sweatshirts may be worn over, but not in place of a collared shirt. The collar must be visible on the outside of the sweatshirt.
  • Outside jackets and sweatshirts with hoods must be taken off upon entering the school building at and put away in the student’s locker.


  • All students must wear khaki or navy dress bottoms. They may not be denim material.
  • Pants must reach to mid-calf or longer and may not be excessively baggy, tight to the skin, or worn low. 
  • Khaki or navy skirts may not have hems or slits that are higher than a fists length from the top of the knee. Tights or leggings may be worn with skirts if they are solid brown, black, white, or orange and at least mid-calf.
  • Leggings, athletic wear, stretch pants, sweat pants, spandex, and tights are not permitted.
  • Pants must have a real fly and pockets, with no holes or rips.
  • Belts for boys/girls are required for pants. Belts must be solid black or brown with a plain/reasonable belt buckle. 
  • Shorts are not permitted, even on dress down days, and leggings may not be worn as pants.


  • Students must wear solid black or brown closed-toed footwear (dress shoes, boots, sneakers).
  • Closed-toed footwear may have a sole color other than black or brown. 
  • Slippers, high heels or platform shoes (higher than 1 inch) are prohibited.


  • Students must wear the DSST: Byers Gym T-shirt and athletic shorts (fist's length from the top of the knee) or athletic pants. Pants must completely conceal undergarments and private areas.
  • Students must wear tennis shoes and socks.


  • Visible tattoos, writing on self and/or clothing is not permitted.
  • Hats, hoods, bandanas, do-rags, and sunglasses are not allowed to be worn in school.
  • Text on clothing/jewelry that promotes violence, alcohol, gangs, tobacco, drugs or presents sexual statement, explicit or implicit, is prohibited. Clothing that is associated with a gang is not permitted.
  • Clothing, jewelry, or appearances that are determined to be distractive to the learning environment will not be permitted.
  • On Fridays, all students may wear any DSST: Byers shirt. It must be tucked into uniform pants.

Dress Down Days

  • Students with dress down privileges must still follow certain dress code guidelines.
  • Shorts, pajamas, open-toed shoes, and outside jackets are never permitted.
  • Shirts must have sleeves, cover the stomach, and cannot be low-cut.
  • Skirts must be fists length from the top of the knee, even when leggings are worn underneath.

Order Uniforms

The ordering window for uniforms is now CLOSED. 

Orders will be available at DSST: Byers and will be sent home with students from school.

All new incoming students will need to purchase uniforms from our DSST: Byers uniform supplier, Denver Athletic, which includes

  • DSST: Byers polos
  • DSST: Byers gym shirt
  • DSST: Byers 1/4 zip sweatshirt

Prices for the Starter Pack (3 polos, 1 gym shirt, 1 sweatshirt, 2 color options) begin at $50 plus tax and can vary depending on size.  For families whose students qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch, Starter Pack prices are $27.00. Purchasing additional uniforms after the initial Starter Pack is optional, but recommended. Starter Packs must be ordered in one size for all items; sizes cannot be mixed and matchedunless they are ordered separately, and the prices will then vary. There will be additional order deadlines throughout the year, and the next opportunity will be in July, and will be communicated through the newsletter.

These are DSST branded uniform tops that must be ordered from Denver Athletic,  All payments must be made with credit card, either online or in person at the showroom located at 3101 S. Platte River Dr., Englewood, CO.  Denver Athletic does accept prepaid credit cards. Students will need to be in uniform on the first day of summer school. 

If you have any concerns about ordering uniforms, please contact Denver Athletic, information below.  If you have concerns about paying for uniforms, please contact Ms. Crespo, the office assistant at 303-524-6350. 


Denver Athletic

303-506-3376 (direct)

303-761-7773 (store)

303-761-9993 (fax)

3101 So Platte River Dr Englewood Co 80110

Uniform FAQ

All uniforms tops must be purchased from Denver Athletic, the official DSST: Byers uniform vendor.  Uniform bottoms, however, may be purchased from any store that sells pants/skirts that meet the uniform policy expectations.  Below is a guide for parents and students to serve as a resource in purchasing pants and shoes.  Any questions regarding whether pants or shoes are "OK" or "No Way" can be emailed with a picture to Mr. Franzblau, our dean of students, at scott.franzblau@scienceandtech.org.

Navy dress pants are an option, as well as khakis.