Student Services

Health & Nursing Services

There are specific guidelines that must be following regarding medication. We are unable to accept any medication at school, including over-the-counter products, without the required documentation below. Please review the attachments for these requirements and complete any required documentation with both the parent’s/legal guardian’s signature and the physician’s signature prior to bringing any medication to school.

The nurse for DSST: Byers for the 2019-20 School Year is Pam Heinke, and she can be reached at

Please visit the DPS Nursing and Student Health Services web page here for any additional questions.

Please find important documents attached below:


Food & Nutrition Services

All students are served meals through Denver Public Schools (DPS) Food & Nutrition Services. Please find important links and answers to frequently asked questions below. Questions regarding lunch balance or the lunch program should be directed to DPS Food & Nutrition Services: 720-423-5600 (phone), 720-423-5629 (fax).

Denver Public Schools (DPS) lunch prices can be found at:

To apply for Free or Reduced Lunch, please click the following link to complete an online application or drop by your school’s Front Office to fill out a paper application:

The lunch menu can be found at:

How does my student pay for lunch? Similar to a bank account, each student has a 6-digit school ID number. Each student will tell the lunch server their number as they check out of the lunch line. Be sure to educate your student about the importance of not sharing his or her number. It should be kept private!

Will I be able to pay online for my student’s lunch? Yes. All students can use an online account at, where you can access, manage, and deposit funds.

Special Education

DSST: Byers Middle School & High School has robust special education programming that serves the needs of exceptional learners with a wide range of disabilities in a variety of ways.  Byers values the unique strengths and needs of each student and provides high quality services to ensure excellent outcomes for all exceptional learners. We seek to provide a high level of support so that all students are able to meet both individual IEP goals as well as rigorous grade-level standards. We believe all students are capable of being successful at DSST and fulfilling their post-secondary goals.  

DSST: Byers views special education through an inclusion-first framework. This means that many of our classes, particularly English Language Arts and math are co-taught by both a general education teacher and a special education teacher, and at times a support specialist. Through this model students are able to be served in the Least Restrictive Environment. When students need more individualized instruction, they may be pulled from the general education classroom to participate in classes that target specific skills gaps, such as phonics, math computation and executive functioning.

DSST: Byers also has a Cross-Categorical Center Program which serves exceptional learners who have been identified as needing more support than a student in a mild/moderate setting. Students in Cross-Cat may either be placed at Byers by Denver Public Schools through a School of Assignment (SOA) or identified by Byers through the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) process. Ultimately, only DPS can place students on the Cross-Cat roster. The students who are served through the Cross-Cat Program will receive the majority of their instruction within the general education classroom with the support of modified/accommodated curriculum, and oftentimes a co-teacher and/or a support specialist. When students are not in the general education classroom they will receive small group instruction in targeted areas to close skill gaps. Small group instruction may be delivered in a heterogeneous manner, meaning it will be inclusive of students on IEPs not identified as part of the program, multi-language learners, students on 504s and students currently going through the MTSS process. The instruction may also be delivered exclusively to other students in the Cross-Cat Program.

DSST: Byers partners with Denver Public Schools Service Providers by contracting Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Physical Therapists, and other Specialized Service Providers. Students who have these specific services outlined in their IEPs will work with DPS contracted staff. 

DSST: Byers welcomes all students and recognizes diversity as a virtue. Byers prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, or need for special education services.  C. R. S. § 22-30.5-104 (3)

Student Portal

Denver Public Schools (DPS) offers students the Student Portal, the most convenient option for students to access current information about attendance, grades, and assignment due dates. All students have an account here.

Your username is your lunch number.

Your password is your first and last initials followed by your 8-digit birthdate. For example, if John Doe was born on January 1, 2000, his password would be: JD01012000