Staff Bios & Contact Information

Below is our contact list for our Middle School 18-9 School Year Staff. You can learn more about our team by reading our bios - just click a staff member's name! You can also learn more about each staff member's course content by clicking on their course name! 

Staff Member

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Content Area


Joe Seufert Science 6
Annika Seilnacht Science 7
Sean Millman Science 8
Hank Vogel Science
Colin Hanrahan Science  6
Sarianna Murphy Reading 6
Luke Morin Reading 6
Dallas Jones Reading 7
Cameron Shane Reading 7
Elyse Tidwell  Reading  8
Anne Cherniss Reading, Social Studies 8
Amanda Bardes Writing 6
Brandon Savoy Writing 7
Kelly Bateson Writing 8
John Zuiker Math 6 6
Ryan Paull Math 6 6
Steve Bolinger IPAG 7 7
Pam Pahls IAG 1 7
Aaron Brown Math 8 8
Kendall McKay IAG 2 8
Dane Patterson Social Studies 6
Greg Walker Social Studies 7
Leo Leyva Jimenez Social Studies  8
Samantha Barton Fitness 6-8
Morgan Kasprowicz Music 6-8
Lauren Schroer Digital Arts & Media 6-8
Brad White School Director 6-11
Elin Curry Associate School Director 6-11
Shawn Smith Associate School Director, 6th Dean 6-11
Amy Green DCI, Humanities 6-11
Patrick Creedon DCI, STEM 6-11
Kareem Kalil DCI 6-11
Andy Glasgo DCI 6-11
Katie Ethridge Interim Dean of Students 6
Sharayah Peterson Dean of Students 7
Scott Franzblau Dean of Students 8
Molly Couture Director of School Operations 6-11
Cassidy Greif Athletic Director 6-11
Kathy Crespo Front Office Assistant 6-11
Bailey Manning  Operations Assistant  6-11
Sheena Bustamante  Registrar 6-11
Jacob Rule IT Coordinator 6-11
Lindsay Morgan SPED 6
Tyler Krattenmaker SPED/Intervention 7, 8
Ellen Barber  SPED 8
Mark Hyams Support Specialist  6-8
Stephanie Wise Special Education 6-11
Jason Tidwell Support Specialist  7,9 
Nathan Avis Support Specialist  6,7
Ashlee Morris Hobbs Social Worker  6-11
Luigi Bordonaro Social Worker  6-11