New Students & Families

Due to the ongoing changing nature of our society and our ability to host gatherings, the dates below may change. We will post updates on our website and send out family communications accordingly. Thank you!




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Front desk: 303-524-6350 


Please refer back to your Orientation Letter for dates and times.

Orientation will cover vital information, including key foundations of our program for both students and families, guidance and support for the steps in the enrollment process, and provide students a space to begin to build our community. We encourage all families to attend the orientation as it will be interactive and will give families the opportunity to meet a large number of teachers and staff.


New incoming students are strongly encouraged to attend New Student Academy.

We realize that DSST is a big change from the traditional public school experience, so we want to make sure our newest students are prepared for the school year. New Student Academy will be from Monday, June 15th to Tuesday, June 23rd from 8:00am to 1:45pm for 6th and 7th grade and June 17th to June 19th from 8:00am to 11:45am for 8th graders. Students will need to be in full uniform during summer school. More details and the school supply list will be provided at orientation.

We hope that by the time the school year begins, our new students will feel a part of the community and know the "ins-and-outs" of DSST!


We believe uniforms foster unity and community. We want our students to focus on what truly counts— the content of their character and not necessarily what clothes they have on.  Your orientation pack will explain dress code, uniform options, and ordering via our vendor.

Annual Family Update

Online Only (alternatives available for those who need technology access)— July 15-August 15

All families (new and returning) are required to complete registration forms. Families will be verifying all information on file, paying or setting up a plan for student fees, and will also be asked to bring the following:

  • Updated immunizations
  • If applicable: Athletic physicals
  • If applicable: legal paperwork outlining custody agreements, name changes, etc.


1. Are students required to wear uniforms during New Student Academy?

Yes. Students are required to wear uniforms and abide by the dress code - you will learn more about this and the ordering process at orientation,

2. Is transportation available during New Student Academy?

No, unfortunately transportation is not available during summer school. Many of our students use RTD to ride to and from school both during summer school and the school year.

3. Will interventions (college prep,refocus, and mandatory tutoring) be served during New Student Academy?

Yes. Interventions will be served during summer school. You will receive a phone call to notify you if your child will have to stay after school to serve an intervention.

4. Will lunch be provided during New student Academy?

Yes. Breakfast and lunch will be available. 


** = Subject to change based on CDC recommendations and guidelines.