What DSST: Byers Parents Are Saying About Our School

10 Great Reasons to Choose DSST Byers High School

1. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Whether you are at the top of your class, struggling to catch up, or just a quiet hardworking kid, DSST will help you reach your full potential by maintaining high expectations and providing you the tools to succeed. Rigorous instruction, combined with data tracking and a growth mindset, ensures that all student learners, regardless of ability, grow academically.

2. DSST Hires the Best Teachers

On average DSST schools receive 4,000-5,000 teacher applications each year. The top 5% are hired, based on a rigorous interview process that includes teaching a class in front of current students. Following the class, students give feedback on the candidate’s performance to both the candidate and the school. Once hired, students continue to provide feedback to teachers. DSST students will tell you, they have the brightest, most interesting, and dedicated teachers around.

3. We Got Sports

Cross country, volleyball, girls and boys basketball, girls’ and boys’ soccer, and tennis, to name a few. And if we don’t offer it, students can play a sport (like lacrosse or baseball) at other schools like South or East. Also, because we are a smaller (3A) school, students have a greater opportunity to play for their high school team. Planning for DSST high school sports didn’t start yesterday – it started over three years ago at the very first DSST Byers open house on the school’s front lawn. So yes, we take sports seriously!  

4. Responsibility vs Rules

DSST is about teaching responsibility and providing the support that students need to succeed. We have a dress code, not a uniform, students can talk in the hallways, there are many chances for creativity and fun, and there is an opportunity to have an open campus/off campus lunch in later years.

5. DSST Recognizes the Individual

Staff truly get to know students and they make sure to notice when a good thing, action, or achievement occurs.  They also teach students to do the same. From Shout Outs, to Stoop Awards, to earning dress down days, and more - - teachers and peers notice students in meaningful and specific ways.

6. College Preparation (and Life Success) is a Number One Priority

  • 100% of DSST graduates have been accepted to 4-year colleges for past 8 years

  • DSST students’ ACT scores are repeatedly higher than DPS & Colorado students

  • Remediation rates in college are much lower for DSST students; 10.5% vs 60.4% DPS

  • DSST is consistently ranked among the best schools in Denver,

  • DSST offers AP classes and students score high! DSST students have had the #1 or #2 highest AP test passing rates of any DPS high school every year since our inception.

7. The D in DSST also Stands for Diversity

When we say our student body is diverse, we also mean that students get to know one another. Through our unique school culture, which includes DSST’s Advisory Program and strong parent support, students have great opportunities to build friendships that often wouldn’t happen in a traditional high school.

8. Extracurricular Awesomeness

Byers High School will offer great Clubs and Classes like Destination Imagination (DI) ● Robotics ● Student Leadership Council ● Choir ● Film Studies ● 3D Graphics and Design ● Art Techniques and Styles ● Weight Lifting/Fitness ● Guitar ● Creative Writing, Slam Poetry and Songwriting

9. Be in our Founding Class!

Benefit from DSST’s track record of success that has high parent and student satisfaction. Come to Byers to build upon the proven DSST model and help shape our high school experience together.

10. In its first year, DSST Byers was the #1 Middle School (out of 505 schools statewide)!

Prepared by the parents of DSST Byers Class of 2020