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Below is our contact list for our High School 18-19 School Year Staff. You can learn more about our team by reading our bios - just click a staff member's name! Click on content area to learn more about each course! 

Staff Member

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Ryan Lawrence AP Biology 11
Jessica Wade Biology  11
Maddy Jensen Chemistry 10
Tim Koh Chemistry  10 
Sarah Gendron Physics


Katie Hickey American Literature 11
Mike Bienkowski American Literature  10
Chris Brudzynski World Literature 10
Colby Albarkat Humanities 9
Julie Jarriel Humanities 9
Amanda Berg  Composition  9
Casey Andree Math  11
Lauren Platter Math 10
Monica Stream Math  9
Mackenzie Grimstad Math 9
Maria Semprum Spanish  11
Maria Ortiz Martinez Spanish  9
Beatriz Perez  Spanish  10
Stephanie Wise Special Education 6-11
Rachael Pandazides Special Education 9-11
Molly Brown Special Education  10
Debbie Jordan Special Education  9
Gabrielle Korey US History  11
Nick Johnson World History/US History  10
Juliann Lacey World History  10
Mike Lang Electives, Choir 9-11
Rick Weismiller Science Specialty, Electives 9-11
Ashlee Hobbs Social Worker 6-11
Luigi Bordonaro Social Worker  6-11
Brad White School Director 6-11
Elin Curry Associate School Director of Instruction 6-11
Shawn Smith Associate School Director of Culture  6-11
Molly Couture Director of School Operations 6-11
Jessica Michalenko Director of College Success 6-11
Amy Green DCI, Humanities 6-11
Patrick Creedon DCI, STEM 6-11
Kareem Kalil DCI 6-11
Andy Glasgo DCI 6-11
Adam Hart Senior Academy Dean 11,12
Tyler Michael Prep Academy Dean  9,10
Cassidy Greif Athletic Director, Fitness 6-11
Kathy Crespo Front Office Assistant 6-11
Bailey Manning Operations Assistant  6-11
Sheena Bustamante Registrar 6-11
Jacob Rule IT Coordinator 6-10
Sara Sonnenblick Manager of Internships 11