Staff Bios & Contact Information

Below is our contact list for our High School 2020-21 School Year Staff. You can learn more about our team by reading our bios - just click a staff member's name!  

Staff Member

Contact E-mail

Content Area


Ryan Lawrence AP Biology 11
Hank Vogel Biology  11
Maddy Jensen Chemistry 10
Annika Seilnacht Chemistry  10 
Sarah Gendron Physics


Monica Anderson Physics 9
Katie Hickey American Literature 11
Mike Bienkowski American Literature  11
Chris Brudzynski World Literature 10
Kelly Bateson AP Literature  12
Colby Albarkat Humanities 9
Tywanna Jones  Humanities 9
Amanda Berg  Composition  9
Aaron Brown Math 10
Cesar Caraveo Math 9
Kendall Maier  Math  12 
Jeff Tissue Math  10 
Oguz Dilek  Math  11
Pam Pahls  Math  9-12
Maria Semprum Visual Arts 10
Maria Ortiz-Martinez Spanish  12
Ryan Clavelle  Spanish  11
Brock Schardin  Spanish  9
Eliana Bocanera  Spanish  10
Stephanie Wise DCI, Intervention  6-12
Debbie Jordan Special Education  9-12
Colleen Moran  Special Education  9-12 
Madeline Davies Special Education  9-12
Gabrielle Korey US History  10
Nick Johnson AP US History  11
Helen Oliver  World History  10
Juliann Lacey-Lang Civics & Senior Projects 12
Mike Lang HS Music  9-12
Rick Weismiller Engineering  9-12
Dakota Leonard  HS ELD  9-12 
Houdini Cedillo HS ELD  9-12
Luigi Bordonaro Social Worker  6-12
Jessica Currie Social Worker  6-12
Elin Curry School Director  6-12
Scott Franzblau  Associate School Director  6-12 
Maya Balakier Associate School Director in Training  6-12
Molly Couture Director of School Operations 6-12
Allie Serina Director of College Success 6-12
Amanda King Director of Curriculum & Instruction  6-12
Patrick Creedon DCI, STEM 6-12
Kareem Kalil DCI 6-12
Akeem Kelley Senior Academy Dean 11,12
Natalie Jung Prep Academy Dean  9,10
Cassidy Greif Athletic Director, Fitness 6-12
Lauren Goodwin Physical Education  9-12
Kathy Crespo Front Office Assistant 6-12
Bailey Manning Operations Coordinator  6-12
MariCruz Rincon  Registrar  6-12
Tav Daniels IT Coordinator 6-12
Henry Whipple  Manager of College Success 9-12
Maty Ndiaye  Coordinator of College Success  9-12