Athletics Overview

Athletics are an essential part of the DSST educational experience and are a central component to the school’s mission. The DSST athletic program emphasizes solid core values, sportsmanship and commitment to excellence. Membership on a team comes with the obligation to attend and work hard at practices and to put forth a high degree of effort in game situations. The level of commitment required rightly increases as the level of competition increases.

Athletic Update (12/17/20)

Updated CHSAA Calendar/Information:

  • Denver Public Schools has restricted indoor gym access until December 28th at the earliest.
  • Season B-D will be shortened one week in length and will now be 7 weeks
  • All CHSAA Events will end by June 26.
  • Spirit Championship in Season B will run March 25-27 Board approval for those dates
  • Practices for all seasons will run Thursday – Saturday the week before competition with the exception of Football (Wednesday – Saturday) to allow for the minimum number of practice dates
  • Girls Golf will run from April 19 – June 22 for equity in mirroring the length of boys golf which ran in Season A
  • Girls Tennis will run from April 26 – June 12 per Bethany to avoid conflict with USTA Event
  • Season C Football will run from March 15 – May 15 to allow for 9 weeks Adam needs to complete the season and will overlap the end of Season B and start of Season D by one week


Season B: 7 Weeks (Practice – January 25 / Competition – February 1 - March 20)

Boys & Girls Basketball

Boys & Girls Skiing

Boys & Girls Wrestling

Girls Swim & Dive

Ice Hockey

Spirit (Championship Weekend March 25-27) 


Season C: 7 Weeks (Practice – March 15 / Competition – March 22 - May 8)

Boys Soccer

Field Hockey

Girls Volleyball


Unified Bowling

*Football (see dates below)


Season D: 7 Weeks (Practice – May 3 / Competition – May 10 - June 26)


Boys & Girls Lacrosse

Boys & Girls Track & Field

Boys Swim & Dive

Boys Volleyball

Girls Soccer

*Girls Golf (see dates below)

*Girls Tennis (see dates below)


*Football: 9 Weeks [same as Season A Football] (Practice – March 10 / Competition – March 15 – May 15)


*Girls Golf: 10 Weeks [same as boys golf] (Practice – April 19 / Competition – April 22 – June 22)


*Girls Tennis: 7 weeks [same as Season D sports and Boys Tennis] (Practice – April 26 / Competition – April 26 – June 12)

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CHSAA COVID - 19 Requirements and Mandates


Click HERE to register for athletics through Team Snap (Required to Play)

For a complete athletic schedule please click HERE.

Participation Requirements:

  1. $75.00 athletic fee is required per sport

  2. Updated sports physical is required to play.

  3. By earning (and keeping) a minimum grade of a C (70) or better in all but ONE class

  4. Regular COVID - 19 Screening procedures

  5. Denver Public Schools COVID - 19 Waiver

  6. Denver Public Schools General Release of Liability Waiver

  7. CHSAA Competitor Brochure


Athletic Handbook

PE Credit Form