Special Ed. and Student Supports


In order to fulfill AST’s mission to serve all students, we will serve students with unique learning needs with excellence. We aim to ensure all students feel known and welcomed in our school community, and challenged through rigorous academic instruction to achieve grade level standards, attend college and/or their most rigorous post-secondary path. At AST, our Special Education programming is guided by the following beliefs:

  • Inclusivity: We believe all students, regardless of background, needs, or disability status, can thrive at AST and know that serving all students requires creating a school culture, systems and classrooms that welcome and serve everyone at a high level.

  • Shared Ownership: We know that a truly inclusive environment requires that all staff members take ownership over the learning of all students and that all stakeholders have valuable input and a role to play in designing learning environments and experiences for students.

  • Accountability: We believe that, ultimately, the success or failure of our students is our responsibility. While we hold our students to high expectations, we believe it is our job to provide the supports or instruction necessary to ensure students meet those expectations.

  • Learning Organization - Serving the diverse needs of all students requires curiosity, openness to new ideas and a drive to be on the forefront of best practices. We are open to examining what is and is not working for students, trying new things, and adjusting instruction when necessary.

In alignment with these guiding beliefs, we will offer tailored supports to our identified Special Education students - providing all services outlined in each student’s Individualized Education Plan.



We will support all students with Advanced Learning Plans through the core classroom instruction and other activities.