Ready to enroll your incoming 6th grader at Aurora Science & Tech? Click the button below to submit your online applications or give us a call at 303.524.6397

Enrollment at Aurora Science & Tech will be managed through an independently run lottery. Interested families will complete an online-only application.  All applications completed prior to February 28th will be included in the lottery for admission. If there are more applications submitted than seats available, a waitlist will be created. Applicants who submit their application after February 28th will be added to the waitlist in order of priority.

Families that are placed at Aurora Science & Tech in the lottery will be notified of admission by March 12th, and asked to confirm their intent to enroll.

Priorities exist within the randomized lottery. The priorities for admission are as follows, in order of priority:

  • Siblings of current AST students (this will apply after we have our first grade of students)
  • Residents in the Aurora Public Schools (APS) district
  • Residents not in the Aurora Public Schools district