We believe that by holding our students to a high standard, and through offering them high levels of support, they will thrive academically. Our small school setting allows teachers and students to develop and nurture close relationships to create an inclusive, strong community and a culture where every student is valued for who they are and their successes.


Aurora Science & Tech (AST) will create a dynamic hands-on STEM learning environment for a diverse socially and economically integrated community of students aimed at supporting students to graduate, earn acceptance, and be successful in college.  

Located on the Anschutz campus (in 2020), the school will develop rigorous and engaging learning experiences with the medical and scientific institutions present.

AST will focus on:

  1. Excellent core academic courses

  2. A world-class STEM program connected to the Anschutz Medical Campus

  3. A socially and economically integrated student community

  4. A positive, supportive and productive student and adult culture



AST will  build on the foundations of STEM education present in the DSST Network and will develop a world-class STEM program.  AST will take full advantage of residing on the Anschutz medical campus - seeking and developing ways for AST students to authentically engage with and learn from the many different bio-science, medical, and other professional organizations present on the campus.  In grades 6-8, students will be exposed to an array of courses and in grades 9-12, students will all take in-depth STEM courses leading to experiential learning opportunities on and outside of the Anschutz campus.  AST STEM focus areas shall be:

  • Computer Science
  • Bioscience
  • Engineering



AST will offer a variety of elective courses, in addition to and overlapping with our STEM courses.  Elective courses will be taught by a combination of teachers and community members in order to expose students to different subject areas and interests.  For the first year, all AST students will take electives in the arts and physical education.



AST will create at its core, a values-driven culture of excellence in academics and character to which all students and adults will be held.  All rituals, routines, and structures will be designed to support student learning through establishing appropriate habits of intellectual and social engagement.  Classrooms at AST will be joyful, supportive, and focused places of learning. Teachers will serve as facilitators as students are guided through the hard work of mastering new concepts and skills.